Charming Picnic Sundress

Created:  7/29/07 

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 Alright.  So, once again, I'm stuck with this terrible horrible no good even worse picture due to my camera phone.  Hopefully you get the idea?

This one I actually just finished.  The pictures were taken yesterday before I had decided to make the two-piece dress a one-piece and cover that belly button.  But, the basic idea is the same.  Puffy skirt, long thick fabric tie in the back with a little triangle of skin (scandalous!  at least you all can't see my ankles...)  You get the idea.

It was actually originally part of a frumpy awkward old lady dress, which I cut apart to save as a skirt.  It wasn't until I tried on the remaining top that I realized I could take what I cut off the bottom of the skirt and attach that to the bottom of the top to make the new top for the dress.  So, voila.  All finished.  Or, at least, as far as you guys can see, almost finished.  Just squint.