Blue Mo

Born:  2/12/08   |   Adoption Fee: $35

Above:  Blue Mo's front side.  This picture really doesn't do him justice.

Below:  Blue Mo's bum includes a little pocket for you to hold written secrets.  ... He promises not to let out even the slightest meow.



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Blue Mo is a hand sewn kitty looking for a home.  He is a big feline at exactly one foot tall.  Blue Mo comes with a 4.5"x3.5" pocket for you to slip your written secrets into.  He and I are rather attached.  (He's very easy to get along with.)  However, I'd be willing to give him to a very loving family for $35.

Though at times he can be a bit shy, he does love the company of others.  Mo is one to appreciate the simplicity of things such as sitting together in silence or the beauty of communicating private and highly secret thoughts nonverbally.  Although he may at times come off as slightly antisocial, it is recommended that he be placed in a home with various other stuffed friends to feed his curiosity.

Secrets, Secrets are no fun,
Unless they're shared in Mo's fat bum! 


ADOPTED  2/12/08
Blue Mo has found a new home!  To see how he's doing, check out the Happy Homes page. 

ADOPTED  4/6/08