Big Momma

Born:  4/5/08   |   Adoption Fee:  $35

 Above:  Big Momma herself.
Below:  Her purdy little face

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Behold Big Momma (officially known as Mother Earth.)  She watches over all creatures big and small, all forests, all waters, all tress, shrubs, flowers...  Her spirit drifts through the wind to rustle the leaves.  Her age is only outdone by her unimaginable wisdom.  Big Momma's great maternal instincts drive her to constantly nurture and heal the wounded and sick of her Earth.  She goes too little appreciated in today's technological deforesting world, but continues to work just as hard for that which is left.

Big Momma is most definitely my favorite creation so far.  She is about a foot tall (and wide,) and stuffed just enough so that she's still super squishy, but you never quite reach her other side.  Her wings are attached halfway along the edge, and the rest is left free to flap about.  Her belly is oh so furry and made of woolly thick felt-like material.  And I experimented with the wide eyes on either side of the beak, and I think it turned out wonderfully.  They give her a warm and wise look.  I love her to death.

Note:  The fabric types may vary from this Big Momma pictured.