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Greetings from the Seaweed Patch's main page, commonly referred to as "Seaweed Central."

Should I introduce myself, or do you guys never really read that? I know that I never do... I'll make it short.
I'm Kathryn with an "ryn." I'm 18. I live in Massachusetts, and I love my dog and sewing machine.
Other things I love include yoga (I'm a huge crunch,) fashion and style, obscure music that nobody has heard of (and most generally like to keep it that way,) and my children's radio program known as Pooh Corner.

I started sewing roughly a year ago, and haven't stopped since. I have created this site with the intention to show off the different things I make so that my livejournal friends don't have to put up with a bazillion posts about my progress on a new pair of this or that or who gives anyway. And so this is going to be like my little gallery; some for sale, some just up for inspiration or worshiping or free compliments for myself. And of course, all friends are welcome. Not just the livejournal ones.

Oh, and if you scroll all the way down past my Contact Info to the bottom of the page, you'll find a guestbook.  Well, it's fashioned more like a chat box, but I'm using it as a guestbook.  So, leave your name and a quick little comment if you'd like just to let me know you've stopped by.

Thanks, and enjoy your browsing!

Update -
2/18/08:  I've decided to keep patterns of each little guy on here, so regardless of whether they have already been adopted or not, you can still have one of your own!  (Please note that while I will try to keep the fabrics as close as I can to its original picture, I do run out of certain fabrics, and may replace some with one similar (or better.))

Update - 3/15/08:  I've decided to offer free shipping on creatures whose adoption fee is $25 or more, and a 10% discount when you adopt over $50 worth of creatures.

Update - 5/1/08:  Bad news!  A handful of the pictures have been mysteriously disappearing.  I will continually check back and edit the pages to re-upload the images that are being uncooperative.  Thanks for your patience!

The Crew  

Mogu Mogawi 


Ollie and Pip 

Mavin the Mischievous 


Miss Millie 


Big Momma 

Fearsome Fred 

Emo / Prozac Raindrop

Fat Louie Junior

Various Wish Doves

The Everything Scarf

Blue Mo

Save the Screech!

Charming Picnic Sundress

William Wegman's "Little Miss Muffet"

Le Patchwork Tote 

Love-ly Tanktop

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