A School Newspaper’s Humble Beginnings

By Autumn Schroeder

Many schools have a school newspaper for students to write about school events and news that students are interested in.  The school newspaper is a long-standing tradition across the country.  This year marks the first year that Willowbrook Middle School will feature a school newspaper.  Though the idea has been around for years, a group of students and teachers were finally able to get the project off the ground this fall. 

Confronted with a brainstorm one day, August Dunphy decided to gather the courage to confront Mr. Heiar with the fact that that we needed a school newspaper.  This wild adventure started in advisory on the day of the jog-a-thon. August went to Mr.Heiar and begged for a newspaper.  Mr. Heiar said he thought that it was a fantastic idea and he advised August to bring up the idea to Mrs. Zoeller. In the middle of the jog-a-thon he “jogged” up to Mrs. Zoeller and asked her about it. Mrs. Zoeller was immediately excited about it.  In meantime, Mrs. Andrews got wind of the idea and got involved in the project.  Putting his two cents in, Mr. Rehl suggested that we call the newspaper The Paw, to celebrate our wolverine roots.  Additionally, he also urged the newspaper supervisors to look into a web edition of the newspaper, since we are a green school.

Together, Mrs. Zoeller and Mrs. Andrews discussed and elaborated on the idea and devised the perfect club. Thus, the newspaper club was born! We have meetings every Tuesday and the last Thursday of the month. The plan is to have two web editions and one print edition every month.  Print editions will be available for sale during lunch for ten cents.  Here at the newspaper club, we all hope that you enjoy our articles and comics, and we hope we inspire you with our writing.