Scheduled Auctions:
Coming soon!

How the process works:

You will want to arrive 10 minutes before the 11:00a.m start time. This will allow enough time for you to fill out your bid sheet. Keep in mind that if you bid on a unit, you must supply a $50.00 refundable deposit for each unit that you win.

The auction will start promptly at 11:00am. The facility manager will walk around to each unit that is part of the auction. The unit door will be raised and you can take a look at the unit contents from the outside of the unit. Entering the unit would be considered trespassing since the contents still belong to the person renting the unit. As we go around to each unit, if you see a unit you like, write on your bid sheet the amount you would be willing to pay for the contents. When you place a bid, you are bidding on the entire unit contents and will be responsible for removing all of the items from that particular unit. After each unit, bidders will turn in their bid sheet and the winner will be determined.

If you were the highest bidder, you will pay the amount of your bid plus the $50.00 deposit. Winners have until the end of the business day to clear out the unit. If the unit you won is 10x20 or larger, you will be granted one additional day to empty the unit. After the unit is cleared out and it is verified by facility staff to be completely empty, you will receive your $50.00 deposit back.

Call the office for any additional questions you may have regarding the legal auction.