Welcome to Willful Massage!

Thank you for dropping in, I'm Will Le Vasseur, LMT, APP, RYT200, and I'd like to welcome you to Willful Massage! After eleven years in NYC, I've returned home to the Pacific Northwest to work as a private practitioner administering medical and therapeutic massage to the greater Seattle area. I'm currently licensed, insured, and legally able to work in both New York (LIC# 27 024885) and Washington (LIC# MA60204513) states.

All walks of life are welcomed to Willful Massage to experience an hour or more of peace, rejuvenation, healing, and focused work to bring you back into balance. I've worked with Stage and Silver Screen actors, Broadway dancers, athletes (professional, tri-, Ironman and weekend warriors), office folk, and those in need of rehabilitation from accidents, injuries, or illnesses.

Willful Massage is located on the southern tip of Capitol Hill and a brand new studio in Wallingford, with plenty of free street parking right outside the building! If you'd like to book a session, please call or text 425-998-8277 with a few date/times that work for you, a call back number, and I'll reply as soon as I possibly can!

Types of Modalities

  • Traditional Swedish Massage - Utilizing standard strokes to help bring balance to muscles and fascia while reducing stress within the body.
  • Deep Tissue - Deeper pressure to achieve greater change within the muscles and fascia.
  • Shiatsu - 5 Element Based Eastern massage utilizing meridians (energetic rivers flowing throughout the body) and pressure points to harmonize the body and organ function.
  • CHABA Massage - With your regular massage, you also get to add a simple, organic, two-ingredient oil with whole-plant hemp extract.