Professional Development

Teach Interactive provides relevant, hands-on professional development workshops with clear step-by-step directions on instructional technology tools (most of which are free or low-cost) that are immediately applicable in the classroom. Please keep in mind that the following topics can be tailored to your specific needs. Please feel free to ask.

Multimedia and Interactives:
Science and math classrooms. Make your instruction come alive with free online multimedia and interactives. Use what others have already created - we'll show you search engines and websites that make them easy to find. Given how little of verbal communication is retained, why lecture when you can show them visually? Open lessons and topics with short, relevant videos and illustrate concepts with interactive graphics. Students learn by doing, so give them online practice tor those difficult concepts. 
Need to demonstrate Alternate Interior angles? Try

Online Math Practice:
ThatQuiz is a free, online math practice and testing site. Works for direct instruction and math practice. Want quickly customizable, ready made quizzes and tests? Self-grading? Create your own online assessments with your specific questions? Ask questions about images and diagrams? ThatQuiz has it.  Bonus: RealMath  AAA Math and more are all great free sites for your student math practice. We'll cover those too.

Overwhelmed by Google search? Tired of sifting through dozens of websites for the resources you are looking for? Thinkfinity is a free, online search engine funded by the Verizon Foundation with high quality, vetted education resources from content partners such as National Geographic, Read Write Think, and National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. With one interface search for lesson planes, interactives, multimedia, and resources. Dial in by subject, grade level, and state content standards. Learn about Thinkfinity and how to integrate it into your curriculum from a certified Thinkfinity Field Trainer.

Google Docs:
Do your students have problems finding their work? Can't remember which computer they were on? Forgot their flash drive or which folder they saved it in? Can't find the most current version? Lose changes? When working on group projects - documents, power points - do they all have an equal opportunity to contribute? Can they work on their projects at home? Do you want to be able to check their progress? Google Docs lets multiple users edit the same document/power point/spreadsheet at the same time on multiple computers. Stores the doc online so it doesn't matter which computer you are on. Autosaves revisions so previous versions can be retrieved. Allows you to edit, comment, check progress in real time. Its FREE! Learn from a Google Certified Teacher how to integrate Google Docs into your instruction. Google Docs in Plain English video

Screencasting (Flipped Classroom & Wireless Slates training Included):
How to tell if you need screencasting: Do your students ever forget what you taught? Are they ever absent? Do they need homework help? Do parents tell you they don't know how to help your students with their work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the tools for you. Learn from a YouTube Star Teacher how to record and annotate your lessons and host them online for your students. Double Bonus: We also discuss and train on how to use wireless slates (never have your back to your classroom again) and how to Flip your classroom so that students do their practice in the classroom. Learn how to revolutionize your teaching from a YouTube Star Teacher.

Interactive Whiteboards:
Do you have an interactive whiteboard (SMARTboard. Promethean, etc.) and don't quite know where to get started? Learn how to get started building dynamic lessons that engage students. Discover how to integrate peripheral tools such as wireless slates and student response systems.

Student Response Systems:
Mouse Mischief is a free software upgrade for Power Point that allows multiple mice to interact with a Power Point presentation. Student response is integrated with this new feature. Check for understanding as students answer embedded questions. Engage their attention to lessons as they become part of the lesson by controlling their own mouse. Great for Special Ed, RSP, Intervention, and small groups.

SMART (Senteo) & ActiVote are student response systems for SMART and Promethean interactive whiteboards. Instead of checking for understanding by asking one or two students, ask ALL of them. Discover the power of immediate feedback as student responses are graphically represented. Use for formative and summative assessment. Integrate with Web-based resources and interactives such as ThatQuiz.

Developing education websites:
Protopage is a free website development tool that is great for creating a classroom website where the focus is to direct your students to the online resources you have selected for them. This is a website that can be specifically geared towards directing the work your students need to do by housing the links to those resources and sites you want them to visit. One of the challenges that teachers face in directing students to online resources is how to distribute the URL. Typing long and complicated URLs slows work down. Protopage overcomes this challenge by eliminating the need for students to have to type in the links. If you have a long list of links in your favorites/bookmarks, this site is also for you. Keep them organized and accessible from any web browser or computer. Sample site:

Google Sites is a free, highly customizable website development tool that easily integrates Google Docs and Apps for Education tools. It is great for embedding presentations, video,  pictures, forms, and calendars to make your content easily accessible to students. You can even create a dropbox for students to turn in their work electronically as well as create a virtual file cabinet of documents for student/parent access. Google Sites is simple enough for students to create their own site for portfolios and presentations, yet powerful enough to handle the needs of your entire school. Collaboration and control is easy and requires no html or code writing. This site was created using Google Sites. Google Sites introduction


Weebly is a free, highly customizable website development tool.The layout themes make it very fast and easy to create a professional looking attractive site. Web parts are drag-and-drop making it simple and quick to customize and re-arrange. Integrate a calendar to create your own learner management system. Sample site:  

Ning/Edmodo/Schoology professional learning communities. Develop a professional community with free social networking platforms that allow PLC/PLNs to communicate and share resources. Sample sites: