I watch a cooking show and I want to cook. How does this apply to the classroom?

What is screencasting? 
Screencasting is recording your computer screen, voice, and annotations just as you would present your lesson with a projector.

Acknowledgment: Many of these resources were brought to my attention by the generous help of Flip Teaching guru, Ramsay Musallam 

Annotation Tools

Annotation tools allow you to write on, or in, the document, website, power point, etc. that you are recording for your screencast lesson. Here are some options depending on your computer and preferred presenting style:


You will need a slate or pen tool for the annotation. If you have a SMARTboard or Promethean ActiveBoard, you may already have a slate. If not:
DigiPro USB tablets ~$21.00 and up
Wacom BambooUSB ~$47.00 and up


Alternatively, you may use your iPad as a slate to annotate and/or record.


If you have a SMARTboard or Promethean ActiveBoard, you can use the software for annotation within their presentation software or the transparent overlay feature to annotate over other teaching tools. 






Screencasting Tools

SnagIt Chromecast Screencasting

Screen Recording Tools

Screen recording tools make a video of your computer screen and record your voice and annotations. You can record your lessons in SMART and Promethean software, but I tend to prefer other tools.


SnagIt      tutorials     $30 education pricing
Camtasia  tutorials     $75 Mac - $179 PC education pricing


Video Hosting

Once you have recorded your lesson you need to host them somewhere for your students to access. Many schools block YouTube, but it can be accessed by students at home and on a wide variety of devices - cell phones, video game consoles, etc.  YouTube also has built in editing and annotation tools that are great to use. Vimeo and Screencast are not usually blocked in schools. I would recommend hosting in both YouTube and one other location. All of these services are free.

Sample sites:

Screencasting on a Chromebook

Screencasting on a Chromebook by Brian Bennett