What people are saying about WEC

From a Kindergarten teacher during registration: "Where did your daughter go to preschool? I want to remember that name because I want all my students coming from that program!"

From a WEC student (in a card): "Thank you for taking such good care of me. I have so much fun spending my day with the best group of teachers ever!"

From a parent when asked about overall satisfaction with WEC: "On a scale of 1 - 10 I would say 11. Does that count?"

"The current teachers are amazing and make such an impact on my child and my life. They mean the world to him!"

"I feel that the teachers have genuine affection and care for each child, which is very important to me."

"My child is always very excited to go to 'school' and I can tell she is well loved and very well taken care of."

"I have been happy with the care at WEC. All the teachers are very nice and easy to communicate with. I know my child is safe and happy when here!"

"We are very satisfied with the experiences out son is getting. He loves it there and that is what is most important."

When asked what aspects of WEC a parent would like kept the same, the selection was staff & activities: "We really like the activities the kids do and how they're constantly being developed/enhanced but the best activities would be a bust without an effective and engaged staff, which you have."

"I am very satisfied with WEC. I would recommend the center to anyone who is looking for childcare."

"We feel confident that our child is well cared for; we love the staff! We feel welcomed each day and feel as though the staff are responsive to our requests, are so knowledgeable, and offer advice when asked and provide our child with a safe and nurturing environment."