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Tuition Rates

Our tuition rates are subject to change; families will be given a minimum of one month's notice prior to any change going into effect.
These rates are current as of August 30, 2017.

Tigers & Lions (preschool) - average age of about 4 until starting kindergarten: $297/week (reduction to $271 for 9 hour day or $246 for 8 hour day) during the school year; $250 ($224, $198) during the summer

Busy Bears & Cubs (older toddler) - average age of 2 1/2 until 3 1/2: $260/week (reduction to $234 for 9 hour day or $208 for 8 hour day)

Chickadees & Minnows - average age of 6 weeks until 2 or 2/12: $285/week (reduction to $260 for 9 hour day or $235 for 8 hour day)

Here at WEC, we make transitions based on development and readiness, rather than birthday.  We only do transitions in September to allow kids to move with a group rather than on their own.  This helps the transitioning children, as well as helping the children in the classroom the kids are moving to and from maintain the consistency and comfort for everyone.  We follow the cut-off date used by school systems.  Thus, children move to the next group if their birthdays occur by September 1st of a given year.

Note: Tuition rates will increase annually at the rate of at least 3%, beginning with the last week of August each year (to coincide with the start of the school year). 

We are set up to receive subsidy from the state for qualifying families, and we are Specialized Care providers as well.