Minnow Class

Welcome to the Minnow Classroom

Our play-based, emergent curriculum is set up to promote all areas of development based on the age of the group and the individual needs of each child. Teachers facilitate the child’s learning, and they work to give children the opportunity to dig deeper and construct further knowledge.

We believe that learning is a life-long process. Our goal at Williston Enrichment Center is to teach children how to learn and how to use their current skills as building blocks for future learning opportunities.

Minnow Room Daily Schedule:

Early Morning (7:30 am – 9 am)

  • Greet parents and children
  • Help children and parents say goodbye
  • Encourage children to explore the environment and materials
  • Diapering and wash hands
  • Prepare and eat snack

Late Morning (9 am – 11 am)

  • Morning naps (for those who take one)
  • Free play until all are awake or activity time (art or sensory)
  • Help children get ready to go outside (or project if weather is bad)
  • Take children on a walk or to the playground
  • Come inside, wash hands, read stories and sing songs
  • Prepare and eat lunch

Midday (11 am – 2 pm)

  • Diapers and wash hands
  • Help children go down for naps
  • Wake up and cuddle time
  • Change diapers and wash hands
  • Early snack if desired or requested
  • Quiet play until all are awake

Late Afternoon (2 pm – 5:30 pm)

  • Prepare and eat snack
  • Play indoors, read books, finish projects if needed
  • Diapers and wash hands
  • Play outside during warm weather
  • Help parents and children reunite and leave for home

Minnow Philosophy

The center utilizes emergent curriculum that focus on the individual interests and developmental needs of each child. The teachers create projects, experiences, and set up the classroom spaces to promote growth, exploration, discovery, and a positive learning experience for all children. Minnows have activities that promote physical development, verbal skills, and cognitive development. The daily schedule is very flexible and changes depending on the season (if we are able to use outside time, etc.) and the needs and interests of the children.

Minnows take naps whenever they need to and for as long as they need. Each child has his/her own mini crib. The children are helped to sleep by rubbing their backs or rocking them.

We go out on walks in strollers, in the woods, and play on the playground. We do this year round as we believe that meaningful learning happens through experiences with the natural world.

Minnows love activity! Minnows also love the sensory stimulation provided by different substances, such as flour, oatmeal, water, paint, and natural items. We try to do an activity every day. At this age, much of the learning is done through exploring how things feel, how they work, and even how they taste! We concentrate much more on the fun process of the activity and far less on the end product. We also love water play and painting.

-Minnow Team