Busy Bear Class

Welcome to the Busy Bear and Cub Classroom

The center uses an emergent curriculum. Our curriculum is therefor designed around the interests and strengths of the children, utilizing what the children enjoy to build on and enhance their skills. Everyday we plan an activity to fit the developmental needs/interests of our students.


Typical Schedule (subject to change based on children's interests, the weather, etc.):

Opening - Drop off and free play

8:45 am – Potty and Diapers

9:15 am – Morning Circle Time

9:30am – Snack (This varies depending on when the kids are hungry)

10:00am - Two Main Curriculum Activities & Free Choice

10:30am – Potty and Diapers

10: 45am - Outside play (weather permitting) or indoor play/activities

12:15pm - Lunch

12:45pm - Nap

2:30pm - Quiet activity while kids wake up

3:00pm - Potty Time

3:15pm - Snack

3:30pm - Outside time/free play

Busy Bear and Cub Philosophy

The curriculum in the Busy Bear room is reflective of the center's philosophy and the developmental level of the students. We practice emergent curriculum where the child and the teacher learn alongside one another and the activities are reflective of the student's current interests. Some examples of activities found in the busy bear room include:

When I paint I am learning:

-to exercise my imagination and creativity

-about how colors mix to form new colors

-concepts of shape, size, and location

-eye-hand coordination

-an acceptable way to make a mess, and fun sharing ideas with others who are near.

When I play with play-doh I am learning:

-to see the shape against the background of a table, a reading skill.

-concepts of shapes, relative sizes, big, small etc., length, height.

-that the amount of substance remains the same, even when the shape changes.

-to express feelings, squeezing and pounding.

When I string beads I am learning:

-eye-hand coordination.

-concepts of color, shape, and location.

-number concepts, as well as more, less, longer, and shorter.

-to create and reproduce patterns.

-pride and accomplishment.

When I sort things I am learning:

-to notice details and likenesses and differences in objects and form categories. (Essential concepts in reading and math)

-concepts of color, size, and shape.

-numerical concepts of more and less.

-logical reasoning.

When I use scissors I am learning:

-to control the small muscles of my hand.

-concepts of shape, size, color, and location.

-to exercise my imagination and creativity.

When I use glue and collage materials I am learning:

-concepts of shape, size, location, and design relevant to learning to read.

-about things that are sticky and things that have different textures.

-how to create patterns and designs, a math skill.

-to distinguish patterns from background, a reading skill.

When I play with sand I am learning:

-how to use tools.

-to solve problems.

-concepts of warm and cool, dry, wet, and damp, heavy and light.

-how to play socially with others.

-to create a system of classifying, ordering, and arranging.

-to observe change, a science skill.

-to create my own patterns.

-concepts of size, shape, and volume, empty and full.

When I scribble and draw I am learning:

-that my ideas have value.

-to express myself with words to describe my drawing.

-to hold a drawing implement and to control the pressure.

-concepts of color, shape, size, and location.

When I play with water I am learning:

-that some things float and some things sink

-to observe changes as water takes different form.

-about different temperatures.

-about wet, dry, and evaporation.

-eye-hand coordination as I learn to pour.

-concepts of empty, full, volume and weight, relevant to mathematics.