Busy Bear Class

Welcome to the Busy Bear and Cub Classroom

The center uses an emergent curriculum. Our curriculum is therefor designed around the interests and strengths of the children, utilizing what the children enjoy to build on and enhance their skills. Everyday we plan an activity to fit the developmental needs/interests of our students. We operate on the assumption that children are capable, creative, compassionate, and communicative. Following these assumptions, we engage them always with empathy and respect.


Opening - Drop off and free play

8:45 am – Potty and Diapers

9:15 am – Morning Circle Time

9:30am – Snack

10:00am -Curriculum Activities & Free Choice

10: 45am - Outside play or indoor play/activities

12:15pm - Lunch

12:45pm - Nap

2:30pm - Quiet activity while kids wake up

3:00pm - Potty Time

3:15pm - Snack

3:30pm - Outside time/free play

Busy Bear and Cub Philosophy

The curriculum in the Busy Bear room is reflective of the center's philosophy and the developmental level of the students. We practice emergent curriculum where the child and the teacher learn alongside one another and the activities are reflective of the student's current interests.

We believe that all children are capable citizens and we treat them as such, using respectful tones and voices. We love to read books together, engage in sensory play, and spend time outdoors.