About Us

WEC opened in 2003 as AIDC Daycare. It was an initiative dreamed up by the ACCD, AIDC Committee for Community Development, to solve the problem of parents being far from their children throughout the day. With significant help from our parent company AIDC, we were able to open a facility that offered quality, affordable care to employees of AIDC as well as the community at large.

We have since moved to a new facility (still part of AIDC), increased our size from 35 to 55 children, and found our focus. We believe in helping children learn to think, feel, and engage with the world around them. We focus on all aspects of children's development - cognitive, motor skills, language development, early literacy, scientific and mathematical understanding, emotional growth, and social development. We build on ideas that start with our infants, and when our students graduate from our preschool they have had the opportunity to develop their own curriculum, design their own learning, and create understandings among one another, in the emergent curriculum style.