Performances & Memories

2020 End of Year Function at Porters.

The first time after Melbourne's first long lockdown we'd seen each other in person.

Seaport Festival February 2020

International Womens Day 2020 at Cherry Lake with Jane York conducting

Paint The Gardens October 2019

Family & Friends Performance September 2018

Yarraville Festival 2018

WW25th Celebrations - Three directors of Willin Wimmin. Steph Payne (current), Bronwen Barton and Jennifer Lund.

Wonderful entertainment at our 25th celebrations.

We do have such incredible talents!

Zonta. Maggie's Mayhem, 2016.

Singing with the lovely Ukulele Dolls was a highlight!

You never know where & when we'll pop up in Williamstown! 2016.

Pre-rehearsal fun across the road

Commonwealth Games Baton Relay, Williamstown. Feb 2018. Thanks to City of Hobsons Bay for this very special gig and this photo.

"Art & Social Change" Donna Jackson's Book Launch, Williamstown Literary Festival, 2016. Songs from "Dust". "This Darkened Room", "Walk Through Fire", "Legend Of The Snowmen". MC: Robyn Archer. Guest soloists including Mark Seymour and Megan Slattery.

Rehearsing in the rather irregular room next door, 2014.

Helene & Charlotte

Folk to Classical Concert

Newport Folk Festival 2016

Vivaldi's Gloria.

A really lovely concert.

Willin Wimmin combined with Newport Community Choir and Newport Strings.

One Wintery Wednesday

Combined Concert with Newport Community Choir. June 2015.

"Credit Where Credit's Due" VWT - Julia Gillard. Melbourne Town hall 10/11/13

Festive Harmonies Federation Square, 4//12/13

AsbestosWise Annual Memorial 2015.

"You're The Voice"

Steph Payne solo.

Festive Harmonies Federation Sq, 7/12/11

Asbestoswise Memorial Service

Deakin Edge Theatre


Festive Harmonies Federation Sq 15/12/10

ADSVIC Memorial Service (now Asbestoswise)

BMW Edge Theatre 24/11/10

Illuminated By Fire - Federation Sq and Yarra River, 30/6/11

The Baby Show - Newport Substation

Dress Rehearsal 26/7/12

Other shows held in 2012 at Castlemaine, Sth Melbourne and Warburton

The Baby Show - Geelong

Technical Rehearsal 12/6/13

Annual Dinner at Ragusa


Annual Dinner Remvi By the Bay 3/11/10

The Angelicats with Julie.

Ghost riders! End of year fun at Ragusa 2014.

2016 End Of Year fun

Megan reveals the new WW Logo

2017 End Of Year fun

Friends Of Williamstown Cemetery Open Day, 2016.

Gateway Social Bites 30/8/13

Richard Gill Workshop - Footscray


Hobsons Bay Volunteers Picnic held at

Scienceworks, Spotswood 15/5/10

Swiss Italian Festival, Daylesfod 2009

Hobsons Bay Sings - Big Feminist Sing - 16 Days of Activism. Dec 2019.

December 2016

The infamous Laverton Carols

Floyd Lodge Open Day 2014

Floyd Lodge Open Garden


Floyd Lodge Open Garden 13/11/10

Peter McCallum Cancer Hospital 8/10/10

DUST in Williamstown Town Hall - The after party

DUST (Musical about Asbestos) Geelong 2/10/2009

Jessie Lloyd's Mission Songs Project at Melbourne Town Hall. Combined choirs. Yirramboi 2017. Wonderful concert! Yil Lull!

March 2017 Womens March singing "Quiet"

"Green" theme night. Newport Fiddle & Folk Club, 2015. Frankie Armstrong's "Mother Earth" and Melanie Shanahan's "The Sea".

NFFC Theme Night March 2017

ARMSVic Publicity Shot


BreaCan Fundraising concert in Holy Trinity Church


MC- Brian Nancurvis

Relay for Life Newport Athletics track 2006

Hobsons Bay Community Volunteers Dinner 2007

MC - Brian Nancurvis

Former Leader - Jennifer Lund (front)

Williamstown Traders Association Christmas Twighlight Evening. Dec 2017

20th Anniversary 3/12/11

Original choir leader, Bronwen Barton ( green ear rings)

Friends and Family month 2009

15th Anniversay

Josephine Lange, Choir Leader (RH)

Dan Scollay, Choir Leader (front in black)

Official Opening of Newport Substation 2008

Newport Folk Festival in the Substation 5/7/2009

Carols at Newport Substation 19/12/10

Harmony in Hobsons Bay 2008. Small grant given to WW to host the event in Williamstown Town Hall. MC - Denise Scott

Daylesfod Feast of Choirs 19/04/08

Melbourne Choir Festival - Recital Centre 2010