William Gui Woolston

Graduate Student, Department of Economics, Stanford University 

Contact Information

Department of Economics, Stanford University
Landau Economics Building
579 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA  94305-6072

waw [at] stanford.edu

Curriculum vitae 


  • Labor 
  • Public 
  • Health


  • Does State Fiscal Relief During Recessions Increase Employment?  Evidence from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (with Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Laura Feiveson, and Zachary Liscow).  American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.  August 2012.  Volume 4, No. 3.  [pdf; online appendix; replication code and data].

Working Papers

  • How does Risk Selection Respond to Risk Adjustment?: Evidence from the Medicare Advantage Program (with Jason Brown, Ilyana Kuziemko, and Mark Duggan).  Revise and resubmited: American Economic Review.  [pdfNBER Working Paper 16977NBER Digest summary].  
  • Do Students Respond to Incentives? The Education Choices of Teenage Illegal Immigrants.  Revise and resubmit: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. [pdf].
  • Labor Market Policy for Inefficient Job Rationing During Recessions (with Zachary Liscow).  [pdf; online appendix].
  • Do Great Expectations Matter?  The Relationship between Teacher Expectations and Student Academic Success.  [pdf].


  • Stanford University, 2006 - 2009; 2010 - present
  • Harvard College, 2002 - 2006 


Teaching Assistant for Graduate Macro Economics (Prof Nir Jaimovich)