William Gui Woolston

Head of Economic Research, Nuna Health

650 Townsend Street, Suite 425

San Francisco, CA 94103

Contact Information

gui [at] nuna.com


  • Health insurance and health economics
  • Public finance
  • Labor economics


  • Class Size and Class Heterogeneity  (with Giacomo De Giorgi and Michele Pellizzari).  Journal of the European Economics Association. August 2012.  Volume 10, Issue 4.
  • Does State Fiscal Relief During Recessions Increase Employment?  Evidence from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (with Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Laura Feiveson, and Zachary Liscow).  American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.  August 2012.  Volume 4, No. 3.
  • How Does Risk Selection Respond to Risk Adjustment? New Evidence from the Medicare Advantage Program. (with Jason Brown, Ilyana Kuziemko, and Mark Duggan).  American Economic Review. October 2014. Colume 104, No. 10.

Working Papers

  • Do Students Respond to Incentives? The Education Choices of Teenage Illegal Immigrants.  Revise and resubmit: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.
  • Labor Market Policy for Inefficient Job Rationing During Recessions (with Zachary Liscow). 
  • Do Great Expectations Matter?  The Relationship between Teacher Expectations and Student Academic Success.


  • PhD.  Stanford University, 2006 - 2009; 2010 - 2012
  • AB.  Harvard College, 2002 - 2006.


Teaching Assistant for Graduate Macro Economics (Prof Nir Jaimovich)