Ron Shubert
 Co Vice President  Jen Bellassai
 Co Vice President Susan Witt
 Treasurer  Sue Jones
 Recording Secretary  Teri Schrlau
 Corresponding Secretary  Lori Rizzo
 Immediate Past President  Sam Alba


 Board of Education Recognition  Ron Shubert
 Candidates' Night  Sarah Smith-Ronan & Jen Bellassai
 2018 Holiday Craft Show  Ona Strang
 2017 Holiday craft show Amanda Simondson
 Leadership Conference    Susan Witt & Jen Bellassai
 Scholarship Committee  Nancy Lawler & Jennifer Strom
 Service to Youth Awards Julie Algabani
 Web Site  Lori Rizzo

PARENT REPRESENTATIVES to Williamsville Central School District Committees

Curriculum Council

Guides improvement efforts in the instructional program by calling for, reviewing and guiding the implementation and evaluation of curriculum efforts in the district.

 Elementary School  
 Middle School
 High School  

Wellness Council

Recommends strategies and programs within the district to promote healthy lifestyles and produce a positive learning environment for our entire school community.


Shared Decision Making Team

Leads, supports and facilitates building SDM Teams.