Poet, musician, wonder-er, wanderer, tourist.
Always in search of Inspiration and the human condition.
Always in search of a higher knowledge and understanding.

William S. Tribell was born Kentucky. He currently lives in Budapest Hungary where he doesn't sleep much, and the television has no subtitles. William's work has been published in many journals and magazines around the world and online, including Mensa's Calliope, Spudgun, Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Mad Swirl, Dead Beats, The Terracotta Typewriter and Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel. Many of his poems have been audio recorded spoken word and with instrumentation by John Blyth Barrymore, 2012 Radio Hall of Fame inductee Gary Burbank, and others. His favorite color is green.

"My business is to create. I am an artist. I'm a poet. Not many really read poetry anymore (most don't read anymore) But that's what I am, by default and with lack of a better term; a poet. It is time for a renaissance! I'm tired of writing on the walls, but that is where you will find me; just waiting, and writing. Tell a soul. Pay your taxes and hide from the mosquito's until they serve tacos for Ramadan, or paint it. I'm a poet.... Not many really read poetry anymore..."