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Music: Led Zepplin; Original composition by Ian Tordella-Williams

 Susan Tordella-Williams and Robert Williams

Theresa Fitzsimmons and James Midolo

 Bride's Party:

Kristen Tordella-Williams, Maid of Honor

Danielle Arsenault

Megan Whittemore

Berkley Wilson

Katherine Sydney

Elizabeth Saviteer

 Groom's Party:

Greg Stamm, Best Man

Matt Spitzer

Mike Papa

Chris Voyer

Albert Feliz

Mike Cabezas

 Ringer Bearers/Flower Girl

Zach Voyer

Zoey Voyer

Jack Spitzer

 In Mustard's Party:

James Russo, Close Friend & Dog Handler

Casey Williams



Welcome friends and family, to this sacred and most holy occasion. I am the Rev. Marta Valentín, and I welcome you into our sanctuary here at First Church Unitarian.

We gather on this joyous occasion to bear witness and celebrate the joining of the lives of Casey Anne Williams and Terrence Michael Fitzsimmons. We gather in this flow of love from family and friends which comes alive by the gift from all of you to be here today. Casey and Terrence are deeply touched by your heartfelt desire to witness this sacred act of the joining not just of their lives, but of their hearts.

Yet, a wedding ceremony is more than the joining of two individuals.  It is the uniting of communities, those who have common ties.  It is an ancestral convocation.  And as such, we are aware this moment of those who have loved and nurtured Terrence and Casey - those here physically, and those present in spirit, in particular, Terrence M. Fitzsimmons, Jr.

 And so it is fitting and appropriate that you are here to participate in their wedding - for the ideals, the understanding and the mutual respect which they bring to their marriage have their roots in the love, friendship and guidance you have so generously given to them.



As we begin the process of unification, Terrence and Casey have invited their parents to each light a candle, both to pass on the tradition of marriage from one generation to the next, and to send them forth together in the light, as a symbol of the warmth of love that will always be there for them to share, and that they may each be a bright spot for each other. Theresa Fitzsimmons will light one on behalf of her late husband.

 Affirmation of Intentions

Marriage is a bond that is never to be entered into without considerable thought and reflection. As with any aspect of life, it has its cycles of joy and sorrow, give and take, trials and triumphs. With full understanding of this, Casey and Terrence have chosen to embrace this and join their lives together in marriage.

 Terrence and Casey, do you come here today of your own volition with the intention of honoring and caring for one another, loving and cherishing each other and offering understanding and comfort in whatever the future may bring?

 Both: We do.

 Message to Couple


Falling in love is like owning a dog by Taylor Mali

Read by Margot Frick Dickey

First of all, it's a big responsibility,
especially in a city like [Boston].
So think long and hard before deciding on love.
On the other hand, love gives you a sense of security:
when you're walking down the street late at night
and you have a leash on love
ain't no one going to mess with you.
Because crooks and muggers think love is unpredictable.
Who knows what love could do in its own defense?

On cold winter nights, love is warm.
It lies between you and lives and breathes
and makes funny noises.
Love wakes you up all hours of the night with its needs.
It needs to be fed so it will grow and stay healthy.

Love doesn't like being left alone for long.
But come home and love is always happy to see you.
It may break a few things accidentally in its passion for life,
but you can never be mad at love for long.

Is love good all the time? No! No!
Love can be bad. Bad, love, bad! Very bad love.

Love makes messes.
Love leaves you little surprises here and there.
Love needs lots of cleaning up after.
Sometimes you just want to get love fixed.
Sometimes you want to roll up a piece of newspaper
and swat love on the nose,
not so much to cause pain,
just to let love know Don't you ever do that again!

Sometimes love just wants to go for a nice long walk.
Because love loves exercise.
It runs you around the block and leaves you panting.
It pulls you in several different directions at once,
or winds around and around you
until you're all wound up and can't move.

But love makes you meet people wherever you go.
People who have nothing in common but love
stop and talk to each other on the street.

Throw things away and love will bring them back,
again, and again, and again.
But most of all, love needs love, lots of it.
And in return, love loves you and never stops.


The Exchange of Vows

The sanctity of a marriage lies in the vows that are pledged one to another. It is in the reaching into your heart to discern what it is you want to vow to the other, that the map is laid before you in your efforts to create and maintain a successful and joyful marriage and partnership.

 What are the vows, the promises, that you each wish to make to the other?

 (Terrence goes first)


I love you, Terrence Michael Fitzsimmons, III. I love you because you are smart, you are funny, you are thoughtful, sensitive, and kind. I love you because you are driven, honest, and loyal. We are partners in crime, world explorers, best friends. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together, arm in arm, hand in hand. I promise, from now until death do us part, to:

-          Respect you – not only as my partner, but as an individual with unique thoughts, opinions, and feelings

-          Always care enough to argue with you - when it matters - and to let things go when it doesn’t… or to try to

-          Go on adventures with you!!! Whether it’s to a local park or around the globe.

-          Laugh with you!

-          Work things through with you – there may not always be an easy answer, but I want to figure it out by your side

-          Stand by you in times of sickness

-          Have and keep a home where the doors are always open to friends and family, whether to celebrate or to help during times of need

-          Remember that love is not a ride; it’s a journey on which we both must actively participate

-          Be loyal and faithful

-          Try to be my best self for you

-          Love you until death do us part


The Water is Wide by James Taylor

Mary Ruckh, Carol Sheingold, and Ian Tordella-Williams on guitar


translated from English to English

 The Exchange of Rings

For Casey and Terrence, their wedding rings are a symbol of their covenant with each other, of the joy they bring to one another, and their shared hopes and dreams. Each day they wear these rings, they will be reminded of their bond, their commitment to one another, and their love.

The ring is a symbol of eternity, there is no beginning and there is no end. It is an outward sign of an inward bond which unites two hearts and lives, in endless love.  These rings mark the beginning of a long journey together.  Wear them proudly; for they are symbols which speak of the love that you have for each other.

 Terrence/Casey please place the ring on Casey/Terrence finger and repeat after me:

 Casey/Terrence this ring is the sign of my love,

and faithfulness,

and I give it to you

as an outward pledge and symbol

of my promise to fulfill the vows

which we have taken.

Take this ring and be my wife/husband.

May the rings you wear be a reminder of the promises you have made, each to the other, on this day.  And let these rings be a symbol of your love and commitment to each other through all the years of your lives.


 Community Affirmation

Casey and Terrence are aware that by their joining they will now also join their families in a new community of love. This community will be the one they turn to first for all things joyous, sad, or challenging. Knowing this, they now invite you to consider your commitment to the success of their marriage. They know they are the main players, but you all are the supporting cast.

 Therefore, do you here gathered, closest of family, dearest of friends, who have known and loved Casey and Terrence best and longest, and who have sustained them from their earliest days, pledge yourselves this day to support them through the years in helping love stay and blossom?

 We do!



"Home" by Dave Barnes

Katherine Sydney and Elizabeth Ruckh




I invite you now to enter into a spirit of prayer as we bless Casey and Terrence.  In this moment, I ask that you call to mind times in your life when you were transformed by love, and, holding those thoughts…

 Let us then bless this union…

 Spirit of Life and Love,

You who binds our lives together in an eternal embrace,

we recognize the sacredness of this moment where family, friends,

and those who cherish and honor this couple, have gathered.


We rejoice that Casey and Terrence are united in heart, mind, and soul,

and that this union is blessed

by the goodness of your Love and your Graciousness.


And through your Love and Graciousness we ask

that the sentiments and meaning of this hour

be fulfilled through the days and years to come.

That the love of this man and woman, and their unity of spirit,

grows deeper and stronger through the uncertainties and changes that life will offer.


That their love for each other reaches out to the love of all,

so that their lives may bless all whose lives they touch.


That in trusting each other, they may continue to trust life;

being both strong and gentle with each other.


That all who follow their lives with interest and affection

have cause to rejoice not alone in their happiness,

but in their brave and generous living which makes life beautiful and significant.


That they be guided to always speak the truth with care and compassion,

And that they be assured that love and life will always embrace them

as it has here on this special day.


May it always be so for Terrence and Casey.




Because, Casey and Terrence, you have showered our hearts with expressions of your love, honored each other with the precious gift of your rings, and promised each other the joy of all your days, it gives me great pleasure to now pronounce you husband and wife. You may seal this pronouncement with a kiss.



Casey and Terrence, family and friends, we have gathered here today to share many blessings. First and foremost that Casey and Terrence, are now married, and while still two whole individuals, today they begin the journey of ‘two as one’. May they go forth today with the reassurance that they do not walk alone.

 And may we all go forth in laughter, and in light, and love’s warm embrace.



Music: Original composition by Ian Tordella-Williams