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Wedding Party

Where would we be without our friends and family?

In the Bride's Party:
Kristen Tordella-Williams, Maid of Honor
Danielle Arsenault
Megan Whittemore
Berkley Wilson
Elizabeth Saviteer
Kate Sydney

In the Groom's Party:
Greg Stamm, Best Man
Mike Papa
Matt Spitzer
Mike Cabezas
Chris Voyer
Albert Feliz

Wand Wavers / Sign Bearer
Zach Voyer
Zoey Voyer
Jack Spitzer

In Mustard's Party:
James Russo, Close Friend & Dog Handler

Ian Tordella-Williams, Guitar
Kate Sydney, Voice
Carol Sheigold, Voice
Mary Ruckh, Voice
Elizabeth Ruckh, Piano

Margot Frick Dickey, Cousin of the Bride

Bride's Immediate Family:
Bob Williams, Father of the Bride
Susan Tordella-Williams, Mother of the Bride
Noah Williams, Brother of the Bride
Ian Tordella-Williams, Brother of the Bride
Kristen Tordella-Williams, Sister of the Bride and Maid of Honor

Groom's Immediate Family:
Terrence M Fitzsimmons, Jr., Father of the Groom (with us in spirit)
Theresa Fitzsimmons, Mother of the Groom
Mike Papa, Brother of the Groom
Christine Fitzsimmons, Sister of the Groom
Albert Feliz, Brother-in-Law of the Groom
Leeanne Voyer, Sister of the Groom
Chris Voyer, Brother-in-Law of the Groom
Anne Marie Hoover, Sister of the Groom

If you have questions about the wedding, please reach out to:
CaseyAndTerrence at Gmail dot com
Susan dot Tordella at gmail 
Williams dot Kristen at gmail