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About the Groom




Play this song while you read about T:

Terrence, or T, or Fitzy, loves a lot of things. And people. And one dog. He is very close with his family and is excited to officially become a part of the Tordella-Williams family. 

Things to know about T:

  • He is fiercely loyal
    • When Casey asked him what animal he would be if he were an animal, he answered very seriously, "shark" because he is protective of his family and friends
  • He likes to dive in headfirst to things... after he has done his research and made up his mind that it's the right choice
    • A few years ago, he decided that he needed a winter activity, so he rented a ski house with some friends, bought a season pass, skis, and boots, and learned how to ski
  • He loves traveling and has been t0 15 countries. One of his life goals is to travel to at least one new foreign country each year. 
  • He is honored to be a godfather to Jack Spitzer
  • He enjoys doing home renovations and painted 6 out of the 8 rooms in their apartment when they moved in. He's looking forward to buying their first home.
  • He went to UMass Amherst and studied Economics and Psychology. He and Casey studied there at the same time, although they never actually knew each other. He maintains that that is a good thing.  
  • Mustard is his favorite dog
  • He can't wait to marry Casey