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About the Bride

Play this song, which Casey loves, while you read:

Casey loves dogs, especially Mustard.

She has worn her hair in the same style since circa 1998, when she twisted it up and clipped it. Sightings of her hair 'down' have been reported, but it is extremely rare. In fact when she wears her hair down, the Metro guy at the Copley T stop makes a big fuss.

At left is another rarity, Casey modeling hair in a side bun.

When she's not coming up with ridiculous nicknames for people and animals, she's busy working, skiing, reading, crafting, or discovering things on the internet. She's certainly not coming up with new hairstyles for herself.

Those are important things to know about Casey. Some other things are:

  • She loves loves loves sauces of all kinds
  • She's the oldest of four kids
  • She is cousin number 10 out of 25 on her mom's side and cousin number 1 out of 10 on her dad's side; she loves cousins
  • She wore skirts or dresses every day of her life until mid-way through 1st grade when she suddenly refused to wear them any longer; later her mom found out it was because a boy flipped her skirt up
    • She has since recovered from the trauma
  • Grandma Mil and her mom Susan insist she had an imaginary friend named Goldie when she was five, but Casey remembers her as being very real; she lived in the run-down white house on the corner of Mount Airey and Rte 52 in Centerville, Delaware
  • She is known to love sock monkeys, and make one upon occasion
  • Casey went to UMass and participated in a program called BioTAP. She now works in marketing. What does that say about her love of science?
  • She can't wait to marry Terrence, who is funny, smart, loyal, kind, thoughtful, determined, and amazing, and who will make a great partner through life