Our Story

Once upon a time in 2006, Danielle Arsenault, Gregory Stamm, and Sandy Bakaysa took a one month long trip to tour Europe. And now Danielle and Greg are married. 

Why does T and Casey's story start with Danielle and Greg's story? 

Because they're the ones who introduced Casey and T. Sandy introduced Danielle and Greg. So really, Sandy is responsible for T and Casey as well. Sandy and D grew up together. So, thanks really to Sandy's and Danielle's parents. 

Back to T and Casey's story. They heard a lot about each other before they actually met. They are both known for their large personalities, so there were a lot of stories. At least in Casey's head, T was a larger than life character. 

Then they finally did meet in person when Danielle dragged Casey out for a night of fun in downtown Boston. True to his reputation, T was a larger than life character, but no one ever said that Casey was a shrinking violet. 

Fast forward a few weeks to January - Danielle brings Casey up to The Ski House for  a day of skiing. Notable items from that event:

  • Casey was confused about how bedding worked, so she ended up sleeping on a bare mattress with a few blankets
  • This was the first time T and Casey were in a bed together
  • Skiing the next day, Casey didn't hesitate to give T a lot of shit.. both because she could ski circles around him and just because it was fun
A few weeks later, T and Casey met yet again at a St Patrick's day party. T got there almost at the end of the party, where most guests were more than a few drinks deep. However, Casey had her car and thus was not drinking, and especially appreciated T's careful attention and genuine interest in their conversation. Well, at least until everyone piled into Casey's car and started throwing around Trivial Pursuit cards while screaming the answers. The important part is that T invited Casey personally up to the ski house the following weekend.

The fateful weekend, it was just Danielle, Greg, Casey, and T. After a day of skiing, the group made dinner and settled in to watch a movie. Danielle and Greg quickly jumped onto the full sized couch, leaving the loveseat for T and Casey. At the end of the movie, Danielle and Greg dashed upstairs... and then the first kiss happened. Fireworks went off, the stars shone more brightly, and the beginning of the relationship was born. Well, kind of. 

T and Casey parted with T promising a dinner date the following week. When Casey heard nothing and was dying with anticipation, she sent an email his way referencing a unicorn... and they went out for Indian food a few days later. 

The rest, they say, is history. Five 'magical' years later, we're officially tying the knot, and can't wait!