Coming from Far Away?
The Ayer area is just about 1 hour from Boston. However, you can fly into the Manchester Boston Regional Airport, also 1 hour away. It's smaller than Boston's Logan Airport, and may be easier if you're planning on renting a car anyway.  They will have fewer flight options, though.

If you don't need/want to rent a car, come into Boston, by plane, train, or bus (Greyhound, Bolt Bus, or Mega Bus are good options to and from NYC). 

You can then take the MBTA's commuter rail out to Ayer, MA. Use the MBTA's Trip Planner to figure out the details, but the commuter line you want is Fitchburg/South Acton, and it leaves out of North Station. Click here for an example trip from Logan . You'll just need to figure out how you're going to get from the commuter rail stop to the church, and from the church to the reception. Since there will be about 175 people at the wedding, you will probably be able to hitch a ride.

Local Directions:
Use this map to see all of the important locations for our special day!

Williams-Fitzsimmons Wedding