A.P. Government

AP Gov Resources and Announcements: 9/18-9/22

  1. Unit 1 Resources: Take advantage of these before Friday's test. I especially recommend the Released FRQs.
  2. Tools for Review: This may help too, especially the area on FRQs.
  3. Come to Tuesday's tutoring session. 
  4. Your unit test is Friday. Are you ready? Do you know what you don't know yet? Use that Study Guide and the resources above.
  5. Next week's tutoring session will be Thursday at lunch.

General Resources That May Come In Handy
  1. Textbook: Notetaking Template
  2. Late or Incomplete Form
  3. Did you miss a day. Check out Google Classroom for the assignments.
  4. Not signed up for Google Classroom yet?  Well, get on it turbo!
Vocab. Notetaking Template: To replace missing quizzes

Updated: 9-18-17