A.P. Government

AP Gov Resources and Announcements: 1/16-1/20
  1. Tutoring Session: Tuesday + Thursday, and a bonus round of Cocoa and Cram Session Thursday after school. Bring those review tools and either MC quizzes, FRQs, or Crash Course guides.
  2. FINAL DBQ: FRIDAY, JAN. 20th.
  3. MC Final: The following week. (60 questions A-E)
  4. CAP Civic Action Rubric: Note, this time you must attach a completed rurbric to a hard copy. CIV. ACTION 2 DUE WED. Feb. 20th
  5. Civic Action  Model: I developed my very own Civic Action here. Take a look. It should help you complete yours and perhaps even next week's debate on the current tax plan.
Local Scholarship Opportunities

General Resources That May Come In Handy
Vocab. Notetaking Template: To replace missing quizzes.

Updated: 1-11-18