AP Gov

Constitution: Great version b/c it has margins you can write in
                     and text large enough so you can read it.

Updated: 6-8-17

Announcements for 8/31-9/8
  1. On Thursday Aug.31st and Sept. 1st we will get set up on Turnitin
  2. You will submit a digital version of your typed outline of the Constitution in your own words the following weekend (Sept.2nd-Sept.4th)
  3. You will submit a hard copy of the Constitution the following Tuesday (Sept. 5th)
  4. I will grade them and get them back to you by Thursday.
  5. You will use the Constitution you developed on the exam encompassing the entire Constitution on Friday Sept.8th.
  6. Good luck everybody!
  7. Enjoy your summer. 
  8. Watch a good movie
  9. Read a good book
  10. Ok, I'll stop. I'm getting obnoxious. I understand.