Publications and Talks

William Kuszmaul at PRIMES Annual Conference, 2012

Papers and Publications

Under submission to Mathematics of Computation, 2015.
Software and Data Released on Github.

Under submission to European Journal of Combinatorics, 2015.

The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 20(4) (2013), #P10.

Surya Bhupatiraju, Pavel Etingof, David Jordan, William Kuszmaul, Jason Li. Lower Central Series of a Free Associative Algebra Over the Integers and Finite Fields. 
Journal of Algebra 372 (2012): 251-274.

Bradley C. Kuszmaul and William H. Kuszmaul. Avoiding Tree Saturation in the Face of Many Hotspots with Few
16th IEEE International Conference on High
Performance Computing and Communications (2014) : 472.

Hideaki Kimura, William Kuszmaul, and Harumi Kuno. An Embedded Database for Modern Hardware. 
Hewlett Packard Tech Con (2015).

William Kuszmaul. New Results on Doubly Adjacent Pattern-Replacement Equivalences. arXiv:1402.3881, 2014.

William Kuszmaul. A New Approach to Enumerating Statistics Modulo n. arXiv:1402.3839, 2013.

William Kuszmaul and Ziling Zhou. Equivalence Classes in S_n for Three Families of Pattern-Replacement Relations. MIT PRIMES, 2013.


My 2011 Siemens talk with Surya Bhupatiraju

Below is the talk I gave for the 2013 Davidson Fellows Scholarship:


My Software Package for Permutation Pattern-Avoidance -- introduces asymptotically fastest known algorithm! (as of end of 2015)


Photos of some origami roses I designed: