Publications and Talks

William Kuszmaul at PRIMES Annual Conference, 2012

Papers and Publications

The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 20(4) (2013), #P10.

Surya Bhupatiraju, Pavel Etingof, David Jordan, William Kuszmaul, Jason Li. Lower Central Series of a Free Associative Algebra Over the Integers and Finite Fields. 
Journal of Algebra 372 (2012): 251-274.

Bradley C. Kuszmaul and William H. Kuszmaul. Avoiding Tree Saturation in the Face of Many Hotspots with Few
16th IEEE International Conference on High
Performance Computing and Communications (2014) : 472.

Hideaki Kimura, William Kuszmaul, and Harumi Kuno. An Embedded Database for Modern Hardware. 
Hewlett Packard Tech Con (2015).

William Kuszmaul. New Results on Doubly Adjacent Pattern-Replacement Equivalences. arXiv:1402.3881, 2014.

William Kuszmaul. A New Approach to Enumerating Statistics Modulo n. arXiv:1402.3839, 2013.

William Kuszmaul and Ziling Zhou. Equivalence Classes in S_n for Three Families of Pattern-Replacement Relations. MIT PRIMES, 2013.


My 2011 Siemens talk with Surya Bhupatiraju

Below is the talk I gave for the 2013 Davidson Fellows Scholarship:



Photos of some origami roses I designed: