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William Kinney was born in 1832 in Nova Scotia, and died in 1915 in Hawaii.  The purpose of this web page is to provide copies of source documents for some of the events in his life.  A link to each document is provided below, along with a brief description of its information.

This page is not intended as a complete history of William's life. 

1. File 1853WKinneyNat.pdf .  William Kinney was born April 15, 1832 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  In 1845 he came to Calais, Maine.  On July 26, 1853 he applied for U.S. citizenship at the Supreme Judicial Criminal Court of Cumberland County, Maine.  U.S. citizenship was granted July 28, 1853.  The name "William Kinney, Jr." is used in the application.  [This file is a scanned version of a copy ordered from the National Archives in Waltham, Massachusetts.]

2. File 1853WKinneyPassList.pdf .  William Kinney arrived in Hawaii on September 16, 1853 on the "Benjamin Howard" as part of a newly appointed staff for the American Consulate in Lahaina.  The arrival was listed in the shipping news of the October "Friend" publication.  The passenger list includes William Kinney, age 21, Clerk, U.S Consul, (Lahaina).  Also in the party were George M. Chase, the new Consul, and George M. Chase, Jr., his 16 year old son.  [The page from the "Friend" is from microfilm in the Hawaii State Library.  The Passenger List is from Hawaii State Archives, microfilm MFL 73, Box No. 2 (1009965).]

3. File 1908GeoChaseJrBio.pdf .  George Chase, Jr., who arrived with William Kinney in 1853, went on to a successful life in Kansas City, Missouri.  A biographical sketch of him in 1908 contains a detailed description of his trip in 1853 as a young man from Calais, Maine via Panama to the Sandwich Isles.  [The file is a pdf made from a GoogleBooks copy of "Kansas City, Missouri, Its History and Its People", 1908.]

4. File 1857WKinney&CDaily.pdf .  "Married -- On board the bark Yankee, July 6th, by Rev. S. C. Damon, William Kinney, Esq., to Mrs. Caroline Dailey, of Calais, Maine."  This announcement is from the July 21, 1857 issue of the "Friend", along with the passenger list on the same page.  Also included in this file are copies of Rev. Damon's record book and a copy of the Yankee's Passenger List.  William Kinney is not on the passenger list.  ["Friend" page from microfilm at Hawaii State Library, Damon record book and Passenger List from Hawaii State Archives, item numbers written in corners.]

5. File 1883WmAnselMichLaw.pdf .  William Ansel Kinney was the son of William Kinney and Caroline Dailey, and went to Law School at Michigan University.  His 1883 biographical entry further confirms that both his parents were "...born in Canada, lived a while in Calais, Maine, then removed to the Hawaiian Islands, where they now reside."  [This image downloaded from an online copy of the yearbook.]

6. File 1915WKinneyObit.pdf .  William Kinney passed away June 3, 1915 in Kaumana, Hilo, Hawaii.  The obituary, from the Pacific Commercial Advertiser of June 4, 1915,  mentions that he came to Hawaii "about 1853", and spent most of his active years in the sugar business.  [The file is a scan of a microfilm printout at the Hawaii State Library.]

7. File 1915WKinneyWill.pdf .  William Kinney's will mentions property holdings on Hawaii, as well as property on Oahu and in Nova Scotia.  [This file is a scan of a copy made from microfilmed records at the Hawaii State Archives.]
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8. File 1853TripSummary.pdf .  The contents of this file provide additional details of William Kinney's 1853 trip from Calais, Maine, to Honolulu.  Ships and dates are summarized, and copies of two passenger lists showing the U.S. Consulate party are presented.  [New York Daily Times, August 6, 1853 downloaded from New York Times online archives, and Sacramento Daily Union, August 30, 1853 is from the California Digital Newspaper Collection.]

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