I am a Ph.D. (2008) in the CPaS (Committee for Philosophy and the Sciences ) program, in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Maryland, in which I enrolled for graduate studies in September, 2003. My areas of specialization are in the philosophy of science, as well as in the philosophy of physics. My other areas of specialization include mathematical physics, and mathematics. My areas of competence include philosophy of language, applied ethics,  process philosophy, and philosophy of religion. In the philosophy of science, my research interests include inter-theoretic reduction, scientific explanation, ontic structural realism (OSR) and topics in modality (both epistemological and metaphysical). In the philosophy of physics, my research includes focus on the application of Clifford Algebra, with respect to the characterization of theories in certain branches of physics, both fundamental and applied. My broader areas of interest include scholarship in science and religion, including the philosophy and psychology of religious experience, religion and neuroscience.
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