Professional Information


  • Email: rogerswil@umsl.edu
  • Office Phone: 314-516-5860


  • Ph.D. (2004) Economics, Colorado State University, Regional and Public Economics
  • M.A.  (2001) Economics, Colorado State University
  • B.A.  (1999) International Economics, Hastings College

Work Experience

  • Associate Professor of Economics, (2010 to Present) University of Missouri at Saint Louis
  • Assistant Professor of Economics, (2004 to 2010) University of Missouri at Saint Louis
  • Instructor, (2002 to 2004) University of Northern Colorado
  • Instructor, (2001 to 2004) Colorado State University

Professional Biography

William H. Rogers joined the Economics Department at the University of Missouri at St. Louis in 2004, where he now serves as an associate professor of economics. Rogers received his Ph.D. from Colorado State University in the same year. His main interests are in the area of urban planning and real estate markets, specifically the extent to which markets effectively coordinate people at the urban scale. He has published several scholarly articles on the topics of zoning, homeowner associations, and foreclosures. Using this experience he is developing a series of models describing the Saint Louis regional real estate markets. Regarding teaching, Rogers teaches two graduate courses in urban and real estate economics, as well as a variety of undergraduate courses.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

 2013 With Anne Winkler. The relationship between the housing & labor market crises and doubling-up: an MSA-level analysis 2005-2010. Labor Monthly Review.
 2011 With Jeremy Groves. Effectiveness of RCA institutions to limit local externalities: using foreclosure data to test covenant effectiveness. Land Economics, 87(4):559-581.
 2010 With John Posey. The impact of special flood hazard area designation on residential property values. Public Works Management and Policy, 15(2):81-90.
  Declining neighborhood foreclosure effects over time. Housing Policy Debate, 20(4):687-706
  Measuring the price impact of municipal incorporation on homeowner associations. Land Economics, 86:91-116.
  The housing price impact of covenant restrictions and other subdivision characteristics. Real Estate Finance and Economics, 40:203-220.
 2009 With William Winter.  The impact of foreclosures on neighboring housing sales. Journal of Real Estate Research, 31(4):455-479.
 2006 A market for institutions: assessing the impact of restrictive covenants on housing. Land Economics, 82:500-512.
 2004 Planning in the housing market and Bellamy's influence on private governments. Journal of Economic Issues 38:253-266.
 2003 Kace Chalmers Erin Lacey With Stephan Weiler, Jesse Silverstein and Ben Widner. Estimating inner city retail potential: an econometric approach. Journal of Economic Issues, 37:1075-1107. 

Working Papers

  • With Anne Winkler and Patrick Fowler. Homelessness and foreclosures.
  • With Anne Winkler. The impact of the labor market and housing market crises on living arrangements: an individual-level analysis.
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