Duke TIP Term 1 Flash Projects:
Wednesday 6/16/10  First day with Actionscript.
Objective:  Ht ball with paddle.
Controls:  Move paddle with mouse.
Hold Shift to rotate paddle, Space to extend paddle.  Space then Shift to rotate extended paddle.
Everything is going great,  there are no complaints from me.  My teacher is great and so is the Teaching Assistant.  Also, My last name is Driscoll, the TA's last name is Driskill.
Man with X-ray of skeleton .
Box making coin.
Left/right to move, space to jump, collect coins to increase score.
The coins that come from the boxes  cannot be collected, sorry.
Shape/color animation.
Pong Game with three balls and another method of creating the game. 
3-D Fly Through game.
Up arrow key to go forward.
Left/Right Arrow key to go left or right.
Spacebar to fly upwards.
For an extra challenge that I have not put in yet, try avoiding the trees while holding the up arrow key.
This is an infinite loop.  The score goes up by the number of trees you pass and goes down when you pass them backwards.
 Hti target to win.  Target moves randomly when hit or after three missed shots.
Left to decrease power
Right to increase power
Up to increase angle
Down to decrease power
Space to fire
  Bird animation.
 Ball with face moving randomly at random times with random speeds.  RANDOM TIMING is the point.
Final Project. Arrow keys to move space to flyish. Avoid spinning circles,  and you can jump on cubes.