Grades 5-8 Contest Info

ESSAY TOPIC 2013/2014

The Lives of Children During the American Revolution
Pretend you are a boy or a girl during the colonial fight for freedom.  Using historical facts, discuss how the war is affecting your life.  The war dramatically changed the lives of children during the Revolutions.  Some actually followed their fathers into battle; others stayed home and assumed new responsibilties that were necessary for their families' survival.

  • Imagine yourself in the place of such a child taking on important and often adult responsibilities. 
  • Describe some of the changes that are taking place in your life and that of your family as you face this new situation. 
  • You may portray either a historical child or a fictional child living in the era of the American Revolution.  

Contest Rules

  • Must be handwritten, typed, or prepared on computer or word processor with non-script font no smaller than 12 pt and no larger than 14 pt. Handwritten essays must be in blue or black ink; pencil entries are not acceptable.  Word processor entries are preferred.  Essay must be student's own work.
  • Please read all attachments at the bottom of the webpage for all official contest information.  Information in these official documents supercedes any conflicting information on this website.
  • Essay Length:
    •  All words count.  Title page and Bibliography excluded.  Dates count as one word.
    • Grade 5-   300 to 600 words
    • Grades 6-8     600 to 1000 words
  • Title Page must contain these elements:
    • Topic: See attached official rules info sheet for Topic Title 
    • Contestant's full name and address
    • Contestant's phone number and area code
    • Contestant's email address, if available
    • Name of Contestant's organization and grade level
    • Name of Sponsoring DAR Chapter- (William Day Chapter)
    • Number of words in the essay
      • Bibliography:
        • Must be included
        • Must list all references utilized
        • Internet resources, if used, should be cited in similar format to that used for printed resources.  Add the electronic address used to access the document as supplementary information.
        • Any essay with information copied directly from sources without using quotes will be disqualified.


        • Local William Day Chapter Winner- Bronze Medal and Certificate
        • Georgia State Winner- Silver Medal and State Certificate
        • Division Winner- Division Certificate
        • National Winner- Gold Pin and National Certificate is presented at the DAR Continental Congress in July of the succeeding summer.

        Judging is Based Upon

        • Completeness of Title Page
        • Historical Accuracy
        • Adherence to Subject
        • Organization of Material
        • Originality
        • Interest
        • Spelling and Punctuation
        • Grammar
        • Bibliography- absence of bibliography discqualifies the essay 
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