William Cushing, Ph.D. (Comp. Sci.)

Artificial Intelligence (citations)

I am presently looking for employment, as a software engineer, in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I was a researcher in Artificial Intelligence, working with Professors Stuart Russell at Berkeley and Subbarao Kambhampati at Arizona State University.

My specialty is in Automated Planning, particularly theoretical foundations of Temporal Planning, which is the topic of my dissertation (overview slides, defense video part 1 and part 2).  I also enjoy working on practical optimization problems; for examples, I slashed SAPA's grounding time from 15 minutes to under a second on many of the harder/larger benchmark planning problems, and sped up POND by 20-100x. Some other subjects I've delved into include Domain-Independent Heuristics, Combinatorial Search, Natural Language Processing, Automated Learning, Graph Theory, Computer Graphics, Compilers, and Probabilistic First-Order Temporal Reasoning. Often I find myself teaching GO, which game has become a poster-child for Monte-Carlo Tree Search.  My favorite academic claim to fame is that I am one of the fewer than
10k people who can claim to be two degrees of separation away from Paul Erdös in the graph of academic collaboration.

(Warning! Extensive academic studies are deleterious to humor.)
Occasionally I foolishly try to downgrade my coffee dependency to a habit.