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Getting Started on Twitter

Getting Your Business Started on Twitter – 5 things you must do!

By William B. Weeks Jr


For new Tweeples getting started on Twitter can be fun and at the same time a little frustrating. You need to understand some basic concepts to make your Twitter experience more interesting as well as profitable if you’re promoting a business.


1.    When you first start out on Twitter you need to share interesting information and content whether it is news, quotes, sports, whatever you decide is appropriate for you and your business. People will get an impression from the first Tweet and quickly decide if they are interested in following you.


2.    When first starting, look for interesting people in a similar field or the people you believe your products will appeal to. You can do that by Searching for people using the FIND PEOPLE application in the Twitter tool bar. For Example: Use phrases like MLM Marketing or Work from Home. Twitter offers suggestions in the application.


3.    Find people who have a large number of Followers and follow them, then go into their Followers and click on the people who interest you and always look to see if they are active. In other words, I usually won’t follow anyone who has not tweeted in the last day are has more Followers to Following ratio. Those people simply will not follow you back. Always check your followers and follow anyone who is following you.


4.    Manage your account properly, at first you want to grow your account quickly and to do that you will need some other tools, some are free and some you have to pay for. TweetDeck is a free one, along with Tweepi and Socialoomph. Socialoomph has both free and premium products. The reason you need to use these tools is because Twitter puts limits on what you can do. For example only 150 new following per hour. Also there is a major barrier when you grow your following to 2001. To get over 2001, your must be within 10% or 1800 followers. Tweepi is good tool to use to keep your ratio of Following to Followers in check. Believe it or not, a lot of people will not follow you back! Tweepi is free and will show you who those people are, so you can “un-Follow” them. See my You Tube Video on the use of Tweepi at


5.    Always try to be of Value when you Tweet! When I say that, Twitter is a Social Media outlet and you should tweet value not advertisement. For example, you should Tweet content such as your news or quotes in 3 or 4 to one ratio to your advertisement. Socialoomph has a free scheduling tool that allows you to set you’re Tweets up once a day. When you receive a DM (direct message) always reply back.


Hopefully these tips will help you in getting started and enjoy the Twitter experience. Later s you grow your account you may want to look at automation tools. I will discuss that in an upcoming article. Have Fun and Enjoy!