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William Alvarez
is a free agent consultant, serving growth firms in the interactive advertising, e-business and media sector. He knows and promotes the power of Internet as a medium, and also as a profitable marketing and CRM tool having worked as an Online marketing specialist on the Web for more than ten years, where he has been a leader in strategic planning, Web development, market analysis and creative art direction. Mr. Alvarez has served as a Co-Chair of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO) Latino committee.

Previously Torrenegra Internet Solutions' Marketing Manager & Team Leader, Mr. Alvarez was a critical player in implementing sustainable, efficient and search engine friendly solutions for a variety of companies worldwide, taking the business to new levels: Torrenegra Internet Solutions is now the second most profitable business of the Torrenegra Group, and it is six times bigger than it originally was. Prior to this experience Mr. Alvarez held posts in client strategy with interactive agencies OgilvyInteractive worldwide, The Net Design and I-Network Hispanoamérica. His vertical expertise covers over 10 sectors and includes names such American Express, Kotex, Motorola, Voice123, Terra Networks USA, Kool, Kent, Lucky Strike, SAP, NosotrasOnline, Pequenin, Nestlé, Fedco and Avantel.

Mr. Alvarez serves as a frequent guest speaker at Search Engine Strategies and ad:tech.

Mr. Alvarez also brings an international perspective to his work, having lived and worked in Latin America, and is fluent in Spanish. He holds a B.S. from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia.

How I can help you?

A free agent is a team player whose contract with a team has expired, and the player is able to sign a contract with another team.

The current need in the interactive marketplace for talent has blossomed into a multitude of intellectually stimulating projects for me.

While I do not sign non-competes, I do sign NDAs and respect that there is nothing more sacred than your trade secrets.