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I'm a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Yale
My research interests are in macro-labor. I have worked on three broad areas in this field.
  • First, I have several papers studying search models with firms with decreasing returns to labor. I am interested in the aggregate predictions of random and directed search models with heterogeneous firms for understanding business cycle fluctuations, the dispersion and dynamics of the firm size distribution, and the efficiency of the aggregate labor market.
  • Second, I am interested in occupational mobility, and its relationship with financial market incompleteness.
  • Third, I am working on the implications of mismatch models for employment flows and cyclical fluctuations, and on stock-flow matching.
 My teaching has recently been focused on introductory undergraduate macro. My major aim in 2017-18 is redesigning the introductory macroeconomics courses at Yale, together with Aleh Tsyvinski. We are working on adapting and improving an open-source text for Yale use.