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Toolbars and Interface GEOGEBRA



Note: The Drawing Pad is also known as the Graphics View



By following the arrows underneath each section of the toolbar, (for example the arrow beside the 
New Point tool 
 ), alternative tools can be found in the drop down menu. 

The Active Toolbar Help area shows the tool that is currently open and the instructions to be followed when using that tool are also displayed in this area.


Note: Once a tool has been used that tool remains as the visible one on the toolbar.


Drop Down Menu Tools

By following the arrows underneath each section of the toolbar, for example the drop-down arrow beside the New Point tool , alternative tools can be found in the drop-down menu.



Drop Down Menu continued



Special Keys used in Constructions

A number of special keyboard keys are used when making GeoGebra constructions.  Click to open a handy guide or to print it off Finding Special Keys on the Keyboard when building Constructions.(PDF)


Algebra View

To show or remove the Algebra View, go to View and click Algebra View.


Input Bar 

This bar enables one to input formulas and commands for constructions. To show or remove the Input Bar, go to View and click Input Bar.


Selecting items
In order to select anything in GeoGebra, click on the Move tool 
 and next, click on the item.


To undo the last action
Go to Edit and click Undo. (Note this can only be done until the last save) 
or click the Undo button at the top right hand side of the screen.


To zoom in and out of a construction

Use either the Zoom In tool  or the Zoom Out tool.


To change the appearance of an object
Right click on the object for example a point, choose Object Properties and make the required changes using the various options and tabs available.


To change Font Size

The default Font Size is 12, but this can be changed by going to Options, Font Size and choose the Font Size of your choice. The larger Font Sizes are often used for ease of viewing.


To change Point Style      
The default Point Style is .  but this can be changed by going to Options, Point Style and choosing the Point Style of your choice.


To change the number of Decimal Places or Significant Figures displayed on the screen

Go to Options, Rounding and choose the number of Decimal Places or Significant Figures required.


To save Settings

When first used Font Size, Point Style etc, are set to Default Settings, but if one wishes to apply their  changes to all future usage of these settings, go to Options and click Save Settings.


To Restore Default Settings 

Go to Options and click Restore Default Settings.


Useful Tips

  • Clicking the dots beside the objects in the Algebra View can show/hide objects quickly.


  • When you have object properties open and you want to change the properties of a lot of points/lines/segments/functions then you can click on one object, hold down Shift key and use the arrow key to highlight lots of objects (in a row) and then change the properties (e.g. colour or labelling) of all of them at once.


  • If you wanted to change the properties of objects that don’t appear directly underneath one another then hold down Ctrl and click on each object you want to highlight and then change the properties of all of them.


  • Press Ctrl+z to undo


  • Press Ctrl+y to redo.


  • Press Ctrl+F to refreshes the page and clear any traces.


  • Press Ctrl+Shift+A to open and close the Algebra view.


  • Press Ctrl+Shift+P to export the graphics view as a picture.


  • When using the Insert text tool with the Latex tab ticked and you require spaces between words type\: between each of the words.