The purpose of this website is to provide the faculty of Robert E. Willett Elementary School with useful information about our Literature Set books. Each page is dedicated to single novel. Pages contain both qualitative and quantitative information about each book. There are curriculum suggestions and digital content links as well. Each page also lists a few of the California Common Core English Language Arts standards that reading this particular novel can meet.

My hope is that this becomes a community sharing site, where we all add our ideas, lessons, supplementary materials and comments about the various classroom literature sets available from the Willett Library.

Because we have several hundred titles in our literature sets, this never be a comprehensive site. My goal is to add to the site over time in the hope it will eventually contain information about our most popular books, and become a useful tool for our community.
-Chris Fluetsch, Willett Teacher Librarian

This website is organized by literature set categories. Each page represents one of our categories (1-3 Open, 4th Grade Reserved and so forth). Within each page, titles are listed alphabetically, with a brief annotation offering a general description of the book. At the bottom of each page is an attached file containing a listing of that entire Lit Set.

There is also a page that discusses the ways in which literature sets are uniquely qualified to assist students in meeting important learning standards.

There is also a page for extraordinary non-literature set books. We have a few books in the general collection that would make great supplementary reading, especially as narrative non-fiction.

The SiteMap provides a quick way to see what books have available extra materials.

This resource will work best as a collaborative tool. There are currently two main ways you can join the conversation and help improve our faculty's use of the curriculum texts.

1 - Add a book review of your own. The Link to do so is below. This will take a little time and thought, so please think carefully and do your best to answer the questions on the linked Form. I will take your submission and add it to this website as soon as I have a chance.

2 - Email Mr. Fluetsch at Willett Elementary with your book suggestions or more information for books we already have on the site.

Click here for our submission form.

Our online catalog can be found here.

Any books that start with the call number LS are literature set books.