2018 Music For A Summer In Holland for synthesizers/keyboards

2018 The Enchanted Forest a collection of pieces for organ solo (under construction)

2017  Wonder Circle with flautist Martijn Alsters and visual artist Jan Doms (not yet realised)

2017 Olivier Messiaen et la Grotte des Sons Perdus  a musical and spiritual dialogue with Olivier Messiaen

2008 Album for two pianos - Mike Garson and Willem Tanke (not yet issued)

2008 2 DVD-set Olivier Messiaen Livre d’ orgue/organ works 

2007 Remastered 8 CD-box Olivier Messiaen Complete Organ Works

2007 Super Audio CD Meditations for a lent for organ solo

2006 Super Audio CD Max Reger - Variationen und Fuge über ein Originalthema Op. 73 - Two Wind Fantasies

2005 CD Imaginary Day - 21 Fantasies for organ

2002 WIND with Vidna Obmana and visual artist Jan Doms, Biennale Rotterdam

2001 CD My friend the Indian and other pieces with Hans Kulk, analogue synthesizer, Martijn Alsters, wind midi controller and René van Commenée, percussion

1998 8 CD-box Olivier Messiaen Complete Organ Works

1997 CD Spiritual Homeland for Yamaha SY99 synthesizer