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ROOT-C: Rotterdam Out Of Time Company

ROOT-C: Rotterdam Out Of Time Company, founded in 2017, renews the concept of ensemble in the 21st century. It consists of musicians, trained by Willem Tanke over the years to perform his music. This implies a "pool' or "reservoir" of musicians at the service of a large variety of public performances, for instance in concert halls, theatres, churches and former industrial buildings. Knowing the specific qualities of each musician, this concept of ensemble allows Willem Tanke to make choices according to the nature of a certain project. Members of ROOT-C: Rotterdam Out Of Time Company have classical, jazz, pop or world music backgrounds. The ensemble consists of (in alphabetic order):

honorary member: Mike Garson

Martijn Alsters, flute and live electronics
Daniel de Boer, double bass, bass guitar
Simone Botasso, accordion
René van Commenée, performance and percussion
Alberto García Villoria, clarinet
Willem 't Hart, keyboards
Tessa Lamers, vocals
Mark Schilders, percussion and drums
Willem Tanke ("The Loop Man"), piano and organ
René Uijlenhoet, live electronics
Ruben Verbruggen, saxophones
Friso van Wijck, percussion and drums
Misha Wong, vocals

Students of the classical, jazz, pop and world music academies of Codarts who follow(ed) Willem Tanke's course Soulful Grooves in the 21st Century with extraordinary good results can become a member. This relates to his view on passing on expertise to younger generations. 

ROOT-C: Rotterdam Out Of Time Company makes new music in which the depth of tradition can be heard, believing that creativity, spiritual force and imagination can turn negative energy into positive energy. ROOT-C has a motto, taken from Graham Greene's novel The End of the Affair (1951):

"St Augustine asked where time came from. He said it came out of the future which didn't exist yet, into the present that had no duration, and went into the past which had ceased to exist. I don't know that we can understand time any better than a child."

The name Rotterdam Out Of Time Company and the robust abbreviation ROOT-C refer to spirituality on the one hand and down-to-earth practicality for which the people of Rotterdam are known on the other.