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Research: Recontextualizing Messiaen

As an artistic researcher, Willem Tanke is free and independent. He does not respect institutionalized forms of artistic research—as institutes tend to corrupt sincerity and integrity— but instead directly follows his great examples J.S. Bach, Olivier Messiaen and Miles Davis, who were fantastic artistic researchers avant la lettre and always remained sincere to their artistic conscience. Using plain language and clear music examples, he makes his research accessible to a large audience.

Case study one: Recontextualizing a most remarkable fragment from L'Ange aux parfums (from Les Corps Glorieux, 1939)

The following video shows a unique passage in the history of keyboard music. Written in 1939 (!), the texture remains completely original; nothing similar has ever been written by Strawinsky, Bartok, Schönberg, Varèse at the time or, as far as I know, any other composer since.