Classical Organ Works

Willem Tanke makes high resolution audio recordings of organ works of Bach:

Six Sonatas BWV 525-530

One of his favourite composers is Max Reger. A considerable number of his organ works belong to the most magnificent and virtuoso pieces of the organ repertoire:

Olivier Messiaen's oeuvre for organ is a landmark of 20th century music. Willem Tanke's interpretation on 8 CDs can be listened to on Spotify. He also recorded two DVDs with Livre d'orgue and other organ works of Messiaen:

He made a CD-recording of the monumental Light and Darkness II - Te Deum of Jan Welmers, his former teacher and lifelong friend:

He also made a CD-recording of Jan Welmers' Monologen for piano:

Willem Tanke performs extremely difficult works of the classical avant-garde with virtuoso lightness: