À Propos

In 1996 Willem Tanke wrote an organ piece called Stillness which became a metaphor for his musical practice. It captured a vision referring to his ancestors, who during many centuries were peasant labourers in the fields with a small piece of land in Twente, a region in the east of Holland, bordering Germany:

"It is springtime. At the end of a hard day's work a farm worker is resting a while before going home. He is leaning against a tree, his face towards the late afternoon sun, his thoughts directed nowhere. Suddenly, and for a brief moment, he sees Eternity. Some years later it happens again; after that, no more. But the longing for it encourages him during the rest of his life and strengthens him at the hour of death."

Similarly, inspired by the faith of his ancestors and their connection to nature, Willem Tanke has two areas of special interest which he pursues every day: the classical organ repertoire and his own compositions and improvisations, solo and with other musicians. The goal of his musicianship is to make listeners aware of Eternity.