Wei Zhan

Wei Zhan (占玮)

Undergraduate Student

Email: zhan-w13 [at] mails (dot) tsinghua (dot) edu (dot) cn
          jollwish [at] gmail (dot) com

I'm a junior year undergraduate student at Tsinghua University. I'm studying in the Special Pilot Computer Science Class (a.k.a Yao Class).

I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science, focusing on algorithm design and analysis. I especially enjoy topics related to geometry, and I'm also interested in data structure, decision tree complexity and hardness of approximation.

[Research Experience]
  • In Tsinghua University I worked with Prof. Jian Li on several algorithmic problems.
  • In the summer of 2015, I worked as an research intern in HKU, where I was advised by Prof. Zhiyi Huang.
  • I will spend the spring of 2016 in Umich, and study combinatorics problems supervised by Prof. Seth Pettie.
  • Currently I'm looking for summer internship in July and August, 2016. Here is my resume[pdf].

  • Computing Regret-Minimizing Sets: Hardness and Efficient Algorithms. [pdf]
Kangning Wang, Wei Zhan, Haitao Wang, Wei Cao, Jian Li, and Raymond Wong.
In submission to the International Journal on Very Large Databases (VLDB Journal) 
  • Almost All Even Yao-Yao Graphs Are Spanners. [pdf]
Wei Zhan and Jian Li.
In submission to European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA), 2016

  • Evasiveness and Nerve Simplicial Complex.
HKU CS Research Internship Programme, August 2015