Willard R-2 School Board Policies

SECTION A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

 AA  School District Legal Status
 AC  Prohibition Against Illegal Discrimination and Harassment
 AC-AF1 Prohibition Against Illegal Discrimination and Harassment (Notice of Nondiscrimination)
 AC-AF2 Prohibition Against Illegal Discrimination and Harassment (Grievance Form)
 AC-AF3 Prohibition Against Illegal Discrimination and Harassment (Level I Grievance Report)
 AC-AF4 Prohibition Against Illegal Discrimination and Harassment (Level II Grievance Report)
 AC-AF5 Prohibition Against Illegal Discrimination and Harassment (Level III Grievance Report)
 AC-AF6 Prohibition Against Illegal Discrimination and Harassment (Appeal Form)
 AD School District Mission - Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
 ADF District Wellness Policy
 AE  School District Goals And Objectives
 AF Accountability/Commitment to Accomplishment
 AFA     Data Reporting
 AH Tobacco-Free Buildings
 AHA Weapons & Firearms

SECTION B: School Board Governance and Operations

 BBA School Board Powers and Duties
 BBAA Board Member Authority
 BBB School Board Elections
 BBBA Board Member Qualifications
 BBB-AF2 School Board Elections (Candidate Declaration for Seven-Member District)
 BBB-AF3 School Board Election (Acknowledgement Candidate Received Required Information)
 BBB-AF4 School Board Elections (Notice of Candidate's Obligation to File Financial Interest Statement) 
 BBB-AP School Board Elections
 BBBB School Board Ballot Issues
 BBBB-E Board Member Oath of Office
 BBC Board Member Resignation
 BBD Board Member Removal from Office
 BBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies
 BBF-AF School Board Member Ethics
 BBFA Board Member Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure
 BBFA-AF2 Board Member Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure (Statement of Substantial Interest)
 BCA  Board Organizational Meeting
 BCB Board Officers
 BCC Appointed Board Officials
 BCCA MSBA Delegate and Alternate
 BCE Board Committees/Advisory Committees to the Board
 BCG  School Attorney/Legal Services  
 BDA Regular Board Meetings
 BDC Closed Meetings, Records and Votes
 BDD Meeting/Agenda
 BDDA Notification of Board Meetings
Notification of Board Meetings (Notice of Open Public Meeting)
 BDDA-AF2 Notification of Board Meetings (Notice of Closed Meeting)
 BDDB Agendas
 BDDC Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
 BDDF Voting Method
 BDDG Board of Education Meeting Minutes
 BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings
 BDDL Release of Information
 BDDL-AF Release of Information (Request to Examine and/or Copy District Records)
 BF School Board Policy Process
 BFA Policy Development, Adoption and Review
 BG Board/Staff Communications
 BHA New Board Member Orientation
 BHBA School Board Conferences, Conventions and Workshops
 BHD Board Member Compensation and Expenses
 BHE Board Member Liability/Insurance
 BI School Board Legislative Program
 BJ School Board Memberships

SECTION C: General School Administration

 CA Administration Goals
 CB School Superintendent
 CBA Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent
 CBA-AP Superintendent of Schools
 CBB Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent
 CBC Superintendent's Contract/Compensation and Benefits
 CBG Evaluation of the Superintendent
 CC Administrative Organizational Plan
 CD Management Team
 CDA  Residency for School Administrators
 CF School Building Administration
 CFB     Evaluation of Principals
 CGC-AP State and Federal Programs Administration (Data Reporting)
 CH  Policy Implementation/Dissemination
 CHCA Handbooks
 CJ Administration Intern Program
 CL Administrative Reports/School District Annual Report
 CN Deadlines and Schedules

SECTION D: Fiscal Management  

 DA Fiscal Management Goals
 DB Annual Budget
 DBB Fiscal Year
 DCB Political Campaign
 DD Grants
 DD-AP Grants (State and Federal Programs Administration)
 DEA Revenue from Tax Sources
 DED Disposition of Unbudgeted Revenue
 DEDA Disposition of Willard Children's Charitable Foundation Funds
 DFA Revenue from Investments/Use of Surplus Funds
 DFE Gate Receipts and Admissions
 DFG Income from School Activities
 DFGA Student Fees and Fines
 DG Depository of Funds
 DG-AP Depository of Funds
 DH Bonded Employees and Officers
 DI  Fiscal Accounting and Reporting/Accounting System
 DI-AP Fiscal Accounting and Reporting/Accounting System
 DID Inventories
 DIDA Fraud Policy
 DIE-AP Audits
 DJB Petty Cash Accounts
 DJB-AP Petty Cash Accounts
 DJB-R District Procedures for Money Security in Buildings
 DJC Bidding Requirements
 DJF Purchasing
 DJF-AF Purchasing
 DJF-AP Purchasing
 DJFA Federal Programs and Projects
 DJFA-AP1 Federal Programs and Projects (Managing Federal Funds and Allowable Expenses)
 DJFA-AP2 Federal Programs and Projects (Managing Federal Funds and Cash Management)
 DK Payment Process
 DLB Salary Deductions
 DLC Expense Reimbursements
 DLCA Travel Expense
 DM-AP Cash in School Buildings
 DN Surplus School Property
 DN-AP Procedure for Sale of School Property

SECTION E: Support Services  

 EB Safety Program
 EB-AP1 Safety Program - Identifying Potential Hazards
 EB-AP2 Safety Program - Safe Schools Checklist
 EB-AP3 School Environment
 EBAB Hazardous Materials
 EBAB-AP Hazardous Materials
 EBAB-AP1 Hazardous Materials (Asbestos Control)
 EBAB-AP2 Hazardous Materials (Handling and Disposal of Mercury)
 EBB Communicable Diseases
 EBB-AP Communicable Diseases (Infection Control)
 EBBA Illness and Injury Response and Prevention
 EBBA-AP Illness and Injury Response and Prevention
 EBBB Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders
 EBC  Emergency Plans/Safety Drills
 EBC-AF Emergency Plans/Safety Drills (Information Sheet for Threat Calls)
 EBC-AP1 Emergency Plans/Safety Drills - Emergency Closings
 EBCA Crisis Intervention Plan
 EBCC-R-1 Hazardous Spills
 ECA Building and Grounds Security
 ECA-AP1 Building and Grounds Security
 ECA-AP2 Building and Grounds Security
 ECAA Access to Buildings
 ECB Buildings and Grounds Maintenance
 ECD Traffic and Parking Controls
 EEA Student Transportation Services
 EEA-AP Student Transportation in Private Vehicles/Common Carriers
 EEAB School Bus Scheduling and Routing
 EEAC-RA Transportation Safety Policy
 EEACA-R Pupil Transportation Issues
 EEACC Student Conduct on School Bus
 EEACC-R Student Conduct on School Bus
 EEAF Use of School Vehicles, Tractors, Trailers, etc.
 EEAG Student Transportation Records and Reports
 EF Food Services Management
 EFB Free and Reduced-Cost Food Services
 EGAAA Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials
 EGAAA-AP Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials - Usage Guidelines
 EHB Technology Usage
 EHB-AF1 Technology Usage (Parent/Guardian Technology Agreement)
 EHB-AF2 Technology Usage (Student User Agreement)
 EHB-AF3 Technology Usage (Employee Technology Agreement)


 Technology Usage (External User Technology Agreement)
 EHB-AP Technology Usage (Technology Safety)
 EHBC Privacy Protection
 EHBC-AP Privacy Protection (Breach of Security)
 EI Insurance Management
 EIA Property and Liability Insurance
 EIB Health Records
 EIB-AP Health Records

SECTION F: Facilities Development 

 FA Facilities Development Goals
 FB Facilities Planning
 FC Facilities Capitalization Program
 FCA School Closings, Consolidations and Reorganizations
 FEB Selection of Architectural/Engineering and/or Land Surveying Services
 FEC Selection of Construction Management Services
 FEF Construction Contract Bidding and Awards
 FEF-AP1 Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards (Soliciting Bids)
 FEF-AP2 Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards (Project Labor Agreements)
 FF Facility Names
 FFA Memorials on Facilities and Grounds
 FFB Names on Building Plaques
 FG Board Inspection and Acceptance of New Facilities

SECTION G: Personnel  

 GA Personnel Policies Goals
 GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making
 GBBDA Family and Medical Leave
 GBCA Staff Conflict on Interest Districts including any portion of a first-class county)
 GBCAA Staff Relations
 GBCB Staff Conduct
 GBCBA Threats of Violence (Employees)
 GBCBAA Coaching Code of Ethics
 GBD Board-Staff Communications
 GBE Staff Health and Safety
 GBE-AF Staff Health and Safety (Accommodations Information Form to Physician)
 GBEA Worker's Compensation
 GBEBA Drug-Free Workplace
 GBEBB Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing
 GBEBB-AP1 Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing (Other than Drivers)
 GBEBB-AP2 Employee Alcohol and Testing (Drivers)
 GBEBC Criminal Background Checks
 GBEC-AP Communicable Diseases - Infection Control Procedures
 GBF Staff Participation in Community Activities
 GBH Staff/Student Relations
 GBK District Tobacco Policy
 GBKA Use of Tobacco - General Personnel
 GBL Personnel Records
 GBL-AP1 Personnel Records
 GBLA-AP Immigration Records
 GBLB References
 GBM Staff Complaints and Grievances
 GCA Professional Staff Positions
 GCAB Professional Staff Certification
 GCB Professional Staff Contracts / Compensation Plans
 GCBA Professional Staff Salary Schedules
 GCBA-R Professional Staff Salary Schedules
 GCBC Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
 GCBD Professional Staff Leaves and Absences
 GCBDA Professional Staff Short-Term Leaves and Absences
 GCBDB Professional Staff Long-Term Leaves and Absences
 GCBE Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays
 GCC Vacancy Notice Posting Requirements
 GCD Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring
 GCE Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
 GCG Professional Staff Probation and Tenure
 GCI Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
 GCI-AF Professional Staff Request for Transfer Form
 GCKA Professional Staff Extra Duty
 GCL Professional Staff Development Opportunities
 GCL-AP Professional Staff Development
 GCLAB Professional Growth Plan
 GCN Evaluation of Professional Staff
 GCPA Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force (Instructional Personnel)
 GCPA-AP Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force (Instructional Personnel)
 GCPA-2 Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force (Administrative Personnel)
 GCPB Resignation of Professional Staff Members
 GCPB-A Resignation of Professional Staff Members - Resignation Penalty
 GCPC Retirement of Professional Staff Members
 GCPD Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members
 GCPE Termination of Professional Staff Members
 GCPF Non-renewal of Professional Staff Members
 GCQAB Tutoring for Pay
 GDA Support Staff Positions
 GDBA  Support Staff Salary Schedule
 GDBB Support Staff Compensation and Supplementary Pay Plans
 GDBB-AF Nonexempt Employee Supplementary Pay Plans
 GDBB-R  Support Staff Salary Schedule
 GDBC Support Staff Fringe Benefits
 GDBD Support Staff Leaves and Absences
 GDBDA Support Staff Leaves and Absences
 GDBE Support Staff Vacations and Holidays
 GDC Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring
 GDI Support Staff Assignments and Transfers
 GDI-AF Support Staff Request for Transfer Form 
 GDL Support Staff Development Opportunities
 GDN-R Evaluation of Support Staff
 GDPB Resignation of Support Staff Members
 GDPC Retirement of Support Staff Members
 GDPD Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members
 GEA Personnel Limitation on Accepting Gifts

SECTION I: Instruction 

 IA Instructional Goals/Priority Objectives
 IC Academic Calendar/Year/Day
 IF Curriculum Development
 IGA Basic Instructional Programs
 IGAC Teaching About Religion
 IGAD Occupational Education
 IGAEA Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
 IGAEA-AP Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco (Tobacco Use Prevention)
 IGAEB Teaching About Human Sexuality 
 IGBA  Programs for Students w/Disabilities
 IGBA-AF1 Programs for Students w/ Disabilities (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Procedural Safeguards)
 IGBA-AF2 Programs for Students w/ Disabilities (504 Eligibility Determination)
 IGBA-AP1 Programs for Students w/Disabilities - Initial Identification
 IGBA-AP2  Programs for Students w/Disabilities - Evaluation Criteria
 IGBA-AP3 Programs for Students w/Disabilities  (Section 504 and ADA Procedures)
 IGBA-AP4 Programs for Students w/Disabilities - Students Enrolled in Private Schools
 IGBA-AP5 Programs for Students w/Disabilities - Surrogate Parents
 IGBA-AP6 Programs for Students w/ Disabilities  (Service for Incarcerated Youth)
 IGBB Programs for Gifted Students
 IGBB-AP Programs for Gifted Students (Gifted Identification and Placement)
 IGBC Parent/Family Involvement in Instructional and other Programs
 IGBC-R Resolution on Parent'Family Involvement
 IGBCA Programs for Homeless Students
 IGBCB Programs for Migrant Students
 IGBCB-AP Programs for Migrant Students
 IGBD At-Risk Students
 IGBD-AP At-Risk Students - Program Overview
 IGBE  Students In Foster Care
 IGBG Homebound Instruction
 IGBG-AP Homebound Instruction
 IGBH Programs for English Language Learners
 IGBH-AF1 Programs for English Language Learners (Student Home Language Survey)
 IGBH-AF2 Programs for English Language Learners (Parental Notification for Children Identified as English Language Learners)
 IGBH-AP Programs for English Language Learners
 IGBI Home Schooling
 IGBI-A Willard High School - Home School Policy
 IGBI-R Summary of Missouri Home Schooling Statutes
 IGC Extended Instructional Program
 IGCE District-Sponsored Correspondence Courses
 IGD Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities Programs
 IGD-AP District Sponsored
 IGDA Student-Initiated Group Use of District Facilities (K-12 Districts - Allowing Non-curricular Groups)
 IGDB Student Publications
 IGDBA Distribution of Non-Curricular Student Publications
 IGDF Student Activities Funds 
 IGDF-AF Student Fundraising (Fundraising Approval Form)
 IGDF-AP Student Activities Funds Management
 IGDJ Interscholastic Athletics
 IGDJA Interscholastic Activities and Athletics
 IGDJA-AF1 Activities and Athletics
 IGDJ-AP Interscholastic Athletics
 IGDJ-RA Retirement of Interscholastic Athletic Uniform
 IHB Class Size
 IIA Instructional Materials
 IIA-AP Instructional Materials - Textbook Selection and Adoption
 IIAC Instructional Media Centers/School Libraries
 IIAC-R Instructional Media Centers/School Libraries-Libraries Materials Selection and Adoption
 IICA Field Trips and Excursions
 IICA-AF1 Student Field Trips and Excursions (Permission Slip and Medical Release Form)
 IICA-AF2 Student Field Trips and Excursions (School-Related Student Trip Request Form)
 IICA-AP Extended-Length Activities Trips  
 IICB Community Resource Persons
 IICC School Volunteers
 IICC-AP School Volunteers
 IK Academic Achievement
 IKE Promotion, Acceleration and Retention of Students
 IKF Graduation Requirements
 IKFA Early Graduation
 IKFAAF Early Graduation/Counselor Form
 IKFB Graduation Exercises
 IKFBA Presentation of Diplomas
 IL Assessment Program
 ILA Test Security
 ILAP Assessment Program - State-Mandated Reading Assessment Program
 IM Evaluation of Instructional Programs
 INB Teaching About Controversial Issues
 IND School Ceremonies and Observances
 IND-AP School Ceremonies and Observances
 INDB Flag Displays

SECTION J: Students  

 JC School Attendance Areas
 JCB Intradistrict Transfers
 JCB-AF Intradistrict Transfers (Application for Change in School Assignment)
 JCB-AP Intradistrict Transfers - Transfers under Federal Law
 JE Student Attendance
 JEA Compulsory Attendance and Part-Time Attendance
 JEA-AP Compulsory and Part-Time Attendance (Part Time Attendance)
 JEC School Admission
 JEC-AF3 School Admission (Parent/Guardian Opt-Out of Vision Examination)
 JECA  Admission of Resident Students
 JECA-AF School Admissions - Request for Waiver
 JECA-1 Proof of Residency Form
 JECB-AP Admission of Exchange Students
 JECBA Admission of Nonresidential Teachers and Regular Employees
 JECBA-AP Admission of Foreign Exchange Students
 JECBB Admission and Assignment of Transfer Students
 JECC Assignment of Students to Grade Levels/Classes
 JED Student Absences and Excuses
 JEDA Truancy
 JEDB Student Dismissal Precautions
 JF Student Rights and Responsibilities
 JFCA Student Dress Code
 JFCA-AP Student Dress Code
 JFCB Care of School Property by Students
 JFCCStudent Conduct on School Buses
 JFCC-AP Student Conduct on School Transportation
 JFCE Secret Organizations
 JFCF Bullying
 JFCG Hazing
 JFCH Student Alcohol/Drug Abuse
 JFCI-AP Student Drug Testing
 JFCJ Weapons In School
 JFCL A+ Schools Program
 JFCL-AF A+ Schools Program (A+ Participation Agreement)
 JFCL-AP A+ Schools Program
 JFE Pregnant and/or Married Students
 JFG Interrogations, Interviews and Searches
 JFH Student Complaints and Grievances
 JG Student Discipline
 JG-1 Discipline of Disabled Students
 JG-R Student Discipline
 JG-RA Student Conduct
 JGA Corporal Punishment
 JGB Detention and/or In-School Suspension of Students
 JGD Student Suspension and Expulsion
 JGD-1 Discipline of Students with Disabilities (IDEA)
 JGD-AP Student Suspension
 JGD-AP2 Student Disciplinary Hearing Agenda
 JGDA Suspension of Students Charged with a Crime
 JGDA-1 Threats of Violence
 JGE-AP1 Discipline of Students with Disabilities
 JGE-AP2 Discipline of Students under Section 504
 JGF Discipline Reporting and Records
 JGGA Seclusion, Isolation and Restraint
 JHA Student Insurance
 JHC Student Health Services and Requirements
 JHC-AF Student Health Services and Requirements (Parent/Guardian Opt-Out of Eye Screening)
 JHC-AP1 Student Health Services and Requirements (Screening and Referral Programs)
 JHC-R Student Health Services and Requirements
 JHCB Immunization of Students
 JHCB-AP Immunization of Students
 JHCC-AP1 Communicable Diseases - Infection Control
 JHCC-AP2 Communicable Diseases - Head Lice
 JHCCA Student With Communicable Diseases 
 JHCD Administration of Medications to Students
 JHCD-AF1 Administration of Medications to Students  (Permission Form for Student to Self-Administer Medication)
 JHCD-AF2 Administration of Medications to Students  (Permission Form for Medications)
 JHCD-AF3 Administration of Medications to Students  (Physician Certification)
 JHCD-AP Administration of Medications to Students
 JHCD-R Field Trip Medication Procedure
 JHCE Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders
 JHCF Student Allergy Prevention and Response
 JHD Student Guidance and Counseling
 JHDA Protection of Student Rights
 JHDB-AP1 Crisis Intervention - Predicting a Crisis Before it Occurs
 JHDB-AP2 Crisis Intervention - Developing a Crisis Plan
 JHDB-AP3 Crisis Intervention - Basic Procedures of Crisis Management
 JHDB-AP4 Crisis Intervention - Forming a Community Crisis Team
 JHDB-AP5 Crisis Intervention - Building Level Crisis Management Plan
 JHDB-AP6 Crisis Intervention - Creating an Evacuation Plan
 JHDB-AP7 Crisis Intervention - Emergency Communications
 JHDB-AP8 Crisis Intervention - Working with the Media
 JHDB-AP9 Crisis Intervention - Asking Questions About the Plan
 JHF Student Safety
 JHFA Supervision of Students
 JHG Reporting and Investigating Child Abuse/Neglect
 JHG-AP Mandatory Reporting Checklist
 JK Work Certificates
 JN Student Fees, Charges and Fines
 JO Student Records
 JO-AF1 Student Records (FERPA)
 JO-AP Student Records
 JO-E Sample Public Notice

SECTION K: School-Community Relations 

 KB Public Information Program
 KB-AP Public Information Program
 KBA Public's Right to Know
 KBCE Sports and Special Events news coverage
 KC Community Involvement in Decision Making
 KDA Custodial / Non-Custodial Parents
 KG Community Use of School Facilities
 KG-AF1 Community Use of District Facilities
 KG-AF2 Waiver, Release and Agreement to Indemnify and Hold Harmless Specific Event
 KG-AF3 Waiver, Release and Agreement to Indemnify and Hold Harmless Periodic Basis Events
 KGA     Memorial, Funerals and Crisis Incidents
 KG-AP Community Use of School Facilities
 KH Public Gifts to the Schools
 KI Public Solicitations/Advertising in District Facilities
 KJ Advertising in the Schools
 KK Visitors to District Property/Events
 KK-AP Visitors to School Property/Events - Public Conduct at District Events(Guidelines for Spectator Conduct and Sportsmanship)
 KKR Sex Offender Registry Statutes
 KKB Audio and Visual Recording
 KL Public Complaints
 KL-AP Public Complaints
 KLB Public Complaints About the Curriculum and Instructional or Media Materials
 KLB-AP Answering Questions/Complaints From Public Regarding Instructional Materials
 KNAJ Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities