Results 2009

Symonds Wins 47th Annual Willard Hanmer Guideboat Race


On the best day of the summer, so far, Tim Doyle was able to out row Trevor Symonds but the 400 yard carry proved to be the difference as Symonds picked up 50 seconds on the carry to hang on for a 6 second victory in the one-man guideboat division.


In the two-man division, Doyle teamed with Dean Gilbert to hold off Symonds and Emily Doyle for first place. Joe and Cindy Randi of Potsdam with passenger Eileen Visser finished in third place.


The judges declared a tie in the Women’s Guideboat race due to interference by a motor boat. Mary Brown & Emily Doyle shared the prize money donated by Guide Boat Realty.


In the Junior Sprint race, first time racer, Forrest Morgan finished first in 16:09 and Gabriel Woodward finished second in 19:06


There was a great turn out for the First Annual Ralph Morrow Canoe & Kayak Races. The Morrow races are recreation class and meant to be a fun event for the entire family.

All of the Morrow Races included a 400 yard carry.


The four- person Rub-A-Dub Race was won by Team Ramrod followed by the Debbie Family and the Vet’s Club.


The Two-person Canoe division was won by Matt Cook &  Jepper Devlin in 37:07.


The One-person canoe was won by Karl Zaunbrecher in 37:46. The Two-person Kayak was won be Mike & Rachel Rose.


 In the largest class of the day, Jim & Jennie Sausville tied for first place with the fastest time of the day in 34:54.




1-Person Guideboat

1. Trevor Symonds                   36:57

2. Tim Doyle                            37:03


2-Person Guideboat

1. Tim Doyle                            37:27

    Dean Gilbert

2. Emily Doyle                          40:23

    Trevor Symonds

3. Cindy Randi                         50:26

     Joe Randi

     Eileen Visser


Women’s Guideboat

1. Mary Brown                         29:30

1. Emily Doyle                          29:30


Junior Guideboat

1. Forrest Morgan                    16:09

2. Gabriel Woodward               19:06


Rub-A-Dub (4 in a canoe)

1. Team Ramrod                      45:32

2. The Debbie Family               48:44

3. The Vet’s Club                     53:40


2-Person Canoe

1. Matt Cook                           37:06

    Jepper Devlin

2. Julie Bowler                          40:56

    Ron Bowler

3. Grant Besio                          49:31

    Joab Besio                          


1-Person Canoe

1. Karl Zaunbrecher                 37:46

2. Bob Krieder                         44:36  

3. Steve Detwiler                      51:34


2-Person Kayak

1. Mike Rose                           41:12

    Rachel Rose


1-Person Kayak

1. Jennie Sausville                     34:54

1. Jim Sausville                         34:54

3. Henry Voelker                      37:12

4. Anne Brewer                        39:49

5. Peggy Ivimey                        45:42

6. Beverly Detwiler                   46:54

7. Kathy Bowler                       59:48