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Thanksgiving Origami

Thanksgiving Origami

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects. To celebrate Thanksgiving we will complete a few art projects that you can take home.

Thanksgiving Turkey Origami

Print and fold an Origami Turkey for Thanksgiving.

Difficulty: Easy


1a. Cut out image along outer solid lines.
1b. Fold up on diagonal line A. Unfold.
1c. Fold down on diagonal line B. Unfold.

2a. With printed side facing up, fold up on center line c. Unfold.
2b. With printed side facing down, repeat fold on center line c. Unfold.

3a. Fan-fold turkey's tail as shown.
3b. Fold up along center crease as shown.
3c. Fold head up along diagonal folds as shown. You may tape center of fanned tail and head if desired.

Dollar Bill Thanksgiving Turkey Origami

Impress your dinner guests by folding a Dollar Bill Turkey Origami for Thanksgiving. We have paper that can be cut to dollar bill size.

Difficulty: Easy


1. Begin by "fan-folding" the end of your dollar bill into pleats, to form the tail, as shown.

2. Fold tail in half, lengthwise, as shown.

3. Secure the tail closed by folding the ends together several times, as shown on left.

4. Fold corner of dollar diagonally, as shown. Repeat on the other side, to form the body.


5. Fold body up towards tail, as shown.

6. Fold tip of body down, as shown, to form head.

Thanksgiving: Pilgrim Boy and Girl Origami

Print and fold an Origami Pilgrim Boy or Girl. Craft idea: Glue onto folded card stock to create your own Thanksgiving cards.

Difficulty: Easy

Directions: Follow the same directions used for the Cinco De Mayo Boy Origami:

1a. Print and cut out doll face along outer solid line.
1b. Cut out Pilgrim doll body along outer solid line.
1c. Turn doll body over so that the printed side is facing down.

2a. Crease along diagonal line as shown. Unfold.
2b. Repeat crease along diagonal line on other side, as shown. Unfold.
2c. Turn origami over so that the printed side faces up.
2d. Crease down along horizontal line as shown. Unfold.

3a. With printed side facing down, carefully "tent" fold upper body forward, as shown.
3b. Fold doll's legs forward, as shown.
3c. Repeat on other side.

4a. Glue head onto body.
4b. Your Pilgrim Origami is finished!

Origami Pilgram Bonnet

make a pilgrim bonnet

Why not dress up for Thanksgiving in your own pilgrim bonnet! Easy to make in any size, so that it fits your child - or the doll collection!

You will need:

A3 sheet of thick white paper/ thin card
Glue stick
White ribbon
Sticky tape (or strong glue)


Fold a strip about 2 inches wide along the length of the card, to form the front brim of your bonnet. Fold the card in half, with the fold on the outside. Fold the back of your bonnet over about ½ and inch and glue to secure. Tape or glue two pieces of ribbon to the front of your bonnet.

Origami Thankfulness Box

A long time ago, people in Japan used to store their rice in wooden masu boxes. You don’t have to store rice in these paper masu boxes, but you can keep other things in it like candy, erasers, or buttons (Christmas gift idea!)

Here’s an idea: since Thanksgiving is coming up, why not write down on little slips of paper the things you are thankful for in life? After you write it down, fold it up and store it in your masu box. You might ask your family members to try this too! Then on Thanksgiving, sit down with your  family and all of you can share what’s inside your Thankfulness Boxes.