Canyoneering in Zion Nat'l Park ~ Utah

June 2007 

Brent, Bryan, Bart & Luke Wilkins The approach to Orderville Canyon ~ June 25th

Gearing up for first rappel in Orderville Canyon Luke On Rope in Orderville Canyon Bart On Rope in Orderville Canyon Bryan On Rope in Orderville Canyon Brent in Orderville Canyon Orderville Canyon Dressing wounds during a break in Orderville Owl in Orderville Luke leaping for joy in Orderville The walls of Orderville Canyon Looking up Looking Up Another Rappel Bryan On Rope again in Orderville Refueling! Luke with the rope in Orderville Orderville begins to change ~ flowing water Bart and Bryan along water's edge in Orderville More & more water as we get closer to The Narrows The Narrows Swimming in the Narrows Wilkins gang in The Narrows Angel's Landing ~ morning of June 26th Watch Video>>View from the top of Angel's Landing Angel's Landing
Luke and Bryan at top of Angel's Landing Afternoon of June 26th ~ Slot Canyon! Bryan rappelling into Keyhole Canyon Bryan approaching a deep pool of water while on rope Luke On Rope in Keyhole Canyon
Looking up in Keyhole Canyon Bart in Keyhole Canyon Another COLD swim in Keyhole Canyon frogs climbing to safety in Keyhole
Morning of June 27th ~ relaxing near The Narrows Fawn & mom near The Narrows Red Walls near The Narrows Afternoon of June 27th ~ Hidden Canyon Red walls in Hidden Canyon Luke and Bryan on top of Arch in Hidden Canyon Hidding in Hidden CanyonThe ledge in Hidden Canyon
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