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1962 History of Wilkes Station Antarctica

The 1962 year is well known for the traverse from Wilkes to Vostok. The spring traverse investigating the unknown region to the south east of Wilkes was to be in preparation for a longer spring traverse. However the discovery of an impassable heavily crevassed region behind the Totten glacier put an end to a longer traverse in this direction. An offer by USARP to provide air support in the form of a fuel drop in the spring, which could be used to conduct a longer range traverse, gave rise to the idea of a long traverse to Vostok. This traverse was very successful conducting glaciological, geomagnetic, and meteorological studies which could be linked in with the studies done at and to Vostok.

The year was begun with a significant construction program, including a scientific laboratory, micro-meteorology hut, fuel tank stand, a store, and hydrogen generator hut, and a balloon release building (destroyed later in the year by strong winds). At this point the base still had 4 US personnel, with the balloon release building and hydrogen generator hut supplied by the USAP. The US involvement also accounts for the celebration of 4th of July with pyrotechnics called the "Wilkes Bomb".

Wilkes 1962 Group Photo
Wilkes 1962 Winter Crew

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