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Wilkes "Hilton"

Just how many years the ‘new’ radio-transmitter building has been so-named is unclear.   What is clear is that it remains the focus of one of the most popular recreational overnight stops for ‘explorers’ from nearby Casey Station (7km around the edge of the plateau).
Here is the building just after completion in March 1961
Below is Peter Stansfield, in charge of the installation of the transmitters, at the door. 
And here is a crew from Casey 2010 posing gamely at the front door in the bathrobes kindly supplied by Hilton hotels Australia.  The photographer, Tod Iolowski is the odd one out! 

Inside "The Wilkes Hilton"

An all girls weekend away at the end of Nov. 2010

 Narelle Campbell (SL), Amy Butler (Met Forecaster), Narelle Rawnsley (Comms Operator), Robyne  Chawner (Comms Operator), Billy Wallace (FTO). A bottle of Moet was the centre of attention.

 The photo was taken by Kate Kloza (Doctor).