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Nella Dan 1970

VOYAGE OF MV NELLA DAN 69/70 V2 - Mawson, Amery Ice Shelf and 19 men recovered from Casey

Voyage - 69/70 V2 - Mawson, Amery Ice Shelf and 19 men recovered from Casey  	
Voyage Leader: Donald Franklin Styles, Deputy Director, Antarctic Division
Ship Captain: Bent Thygesen Hansen

Voyage Support:
Deputy Voyage Leader: Eric Leslie Macklin, Logistics Officer, Antarctic Division

Army DUKW detachment:
Lieut V Robert (Bob) Andrae RAASC/RACT
Sgt D E Tucker
Cpl D J Thomson
Lt J L Briers
Cpl B E Brown
Cpl R W Wachmere
Cpl L J Ritchie

Itinerary: Arrive Depart

Melbourne 14 Dec 69 19 Dec 69
Davis (6 miles off) 6 Jan 70 6 Jan 70
Amery Ice shelf 7 Jan 70
Mawson 10 Jan 70 19 Jan 70
Casey 26 Jan 70 26 Jan 70
Fremantle 3 Feb 70

During this voyage, Mawson was relieved; men, aircraft and equipment were
landed at Mawson to undertake mapping ang geological survey of a portion of the
Prince Charles Mountains from an advanced base at Moore Pyramid during the
summer; men, vehicles and equipment were placed on the Amery Ice Shelf to
undertake a summer glaciological traverse; a geologist was landed at Davis for
summer studies of the Vestfold Hills and a physicist was recovered from Davis.
The voyage also made a diversion to Casey to recover 19 men from the
wintering party, so that Nella Dan would have enough accommodation to embark
the EPF party from Dumont d"Urville before ice conditions closed the season.
Three helicopters suffered some electrolytic corrosion following a very rough
passage to Antarctica.

reference "Antarctic Events Database" data of the Australian Antarctic Data Center